Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Does My Fingertip Hurt?

We went out of town over the weekend to see my hubby's family. Yesterday on the drive back I was crocheting and the tip of my right index finger was hurting. I would stop crocheting, look at it, and not really see anything wrong. I could not figure out what on Earth was making it sore so I'd go back to crocheting.

Last night when I was sitting at the computer after we got home, I touched one of my ears and felt the point of one of my earrings. Well, it was that moment that it then dawned on me what was making my fingertip hurt.

The night before I took off my earrings and as I was putting the back on one of them to set them away for the night, I had accidentally poked my fingertip with the point of the earring. I've had my ears pierced twice in each ear. The earrings I had been wearing were actually one of the pairs that I got when I had gotten my ears pierced one of the times and those earrings do have a sharp point to them.

It's so funny and crazy that I had totally forgotten that had happened with the earring. Apparently I hadn't bumped or touched anything with that fingertip since poking it so I didn't even realize it was sore and tender to the touch until when I was crocheting yesterday afternoon. I'm too young to be so darn forgetful!

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