Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meeting Celebrities

Ever met a celebrity? If not, have you ever wanted to meet one? Recently I thought about this topic and decided to blog about it today.

On Monday evenings, when we are able to, my family enjoys watching the television show called The Voice. We really enjoyed watching the blind auditions for this show and the battle rounds weren't too bad either. Now it is in the rounds where America helps decide who moves on.

Of course, although we do like it, I can't say that my family are HUGE fans of the show, because I'll admit we've missed part of this season. :-(

HUGE fans wouldn't miss a second of it! I'd classify my family as fans, but I think we might be becoming bigger fans. It's really a great show! If you have never watched it, you should really tune in sometime. :-)

On Monday evenings, one of my brothers will sometimes come over so we can watch the television show called Scrubs. This of course makes us miss part of The Voice but hey, gotta spend time with your siblings when you can!

I have the whole series of Scrubs on dvd and we've been watching it from the beginning. Started with season 1 episode 1 and are now ready for season 8 episode 1. There are 9 seasons total. After we finish the last season I think we're going to start doing movie night unless one of us comes up with another television series to watch.

Soooo.... since we watch The Voice on Monday evenings sometimes, we have seen that Twitter is a big part of the show as well. Soooo.....since I have a Twitter account I decided to look up a few of the judges on Twitter to see if I could find them. I think I found the "real" ones. At least I hope so. It's crazy how people try to impersonate people on the internet. Really no sense to it in my opinion but hey, what can you do? Nothing really.

Now, isn't it funny how one thought can lead to another thought which leads to something else? Kind of what happened to me the past few days. All that stuff you read above led to all the stuff you're going to read next. :-)

Our Monday evening routine and looking up a few of the celebrity judges from The Voice on twitter got me thinking about the first questions in this post. Ever met a celebrity? If not, have you ever wanted to meet one?

And those questions got me thinking about when I was younger. Now I'm going to show my age with this memory. Lol.

I have never met a celebrity, famous person, however you want to refer to them as, but I do remember when I was a teenager I came close to meeting Brian Austin Green who was very popular with the teenage girls at the time. Back in the early 1990's. You know who he is? He was one of the guys from the television show Beverly Hills 90210? He starred alongside Luke Perry and Jason Priestly.

I remember Brian Austin Green came to one of our local malls. My friends and I didn't get to personally meet him but thought it was SO cool to be SO close to where he was. We had a camera and I remember we got someone who could get closer than we could to snap a picture for us. I think it might have been someone from one of the local radio stations but quite honestly I don't remember for sure. I'm pretty sure I still have that picture somewhere around here though. :-)

As an adult now, I can't believe how silly I use to act over actors and actresses when I was younger. Like how cool it would have been to meet them? Seriously, what was I thinking? Like they'd ever want to meet lil' ol me? They were cool. I was not. They were SOMEBODY. I was not.

I remember I use to have my walls COVERED with pictures and posters especially of the Beverly Hills 90210 gang. Makes me wonder what celebrities my daughter will be secretly hoping to meet and which ones will be hanging on the walls of her room once she hits the teenage years? Oh my, I'm NOT ready for those years!

Someday I do think it would be interesting to meet someone famous but if I never get to, I think I'd be fine with that as well. My guess is some of the celebrity people are super, down to Earth, and really nice while others probably really show the fact that they are famous, have money, and think they are better than everyone else. Obviously, if I ever get to meet one of them I would prefer the first type. I'm guessing that lil' ol' me probably won't be meeting anyone famous but I guess you just never know, huh? Only time will tell.

So have any of you ever met a celebrity/famous person? If so, who and were they nice? If not, do tell who you loved to meet if given the chance!

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