Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quote For The Day-4/29/2012

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Breakfast Made For Me

I was sitting on the couch and my 8 year old daughter offered to make me breakfast. Of course I let her! She asked what I wanted so I told her toast with lots of butter (because I thought she might not put enough on it if I didn't say this) and a big glass of milk. She asked if I wanted white or wheat toast. I told her my choice and off to the kitchen she scurried.

A few minutes later I hear her asking daddy to set up a tv tray for me and then a bit after that she walks in with a plate and a glass of milk with a straw in it. She LOVES to use straws!

She informed me that she didn't use just any glass either. She turned it around so I could see that it was one of our thicker sports glasses with our local NFL football team on it.

My plate held 2 pieces of white toast with lots of butter as I had requested. Boy howdy, did it have LOTS of butter! LOL! I had to send her in for a butter knife so I could scrape off part of it. I like butter but it was still WAY too much for me even. She had already apparently scraped off part of it herself before bringing it to me. I then scraped off enough to probably butter 2 maybe 3 more pieces of toast and yet it still was VERY buttery. Talk about a lot of butter huh?

I got what I asked for though so I can't complain. I ate both pieces of toast and drank ALL my milk. I heard my daughter go over to her daddy and whisper to him, "She likes it."

What a sweet gesture for her to make mommy breakfast. She offered to make daddy breakfast too but he declined. Not sure if he just wasn't hungry or if he feared what he might get. He doesn't like butter so his toast may have been piled high with jelly or peanut butter? We'll never know now.

My daughter not only made me breakfast but she also got her brother's breakfast ready for him for when he woke up. She made him a cup of milk and a bowl of cereal. She's being awfully sweet this morning huh? Hmmm.....wonder what she wants?

J/K! I don't think she wants anything. She is such a sweet child that all these kind acts are just her being her. I love her SO much and am SO proud of her! I love my son SO much too and am SO proud of him as well. Before I know it he will be doing things like this too!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Proud Moment

I know that my daughter loves her brother and that he loves his sister but a lot of times it's hard to tell because they don't always get along. We joke that they fight like cats and dogs. There is a pretty good age gap of 5 years so we don't really expect them to play TOO well together.

Well, last night I was SO proud of my daughter and her love for her brother showed with a few of her actions. Here's what she did that I thought was SO sweet!

We went to her school for a back to school night type event. They had quite a few different things going on. One of them was that each student received a raffle ticket to put their name in for a drawing of one of four bicycles they were giving away. My daughter had already told me what she was planning to do with her ticket and sure enough, when it came time to put her ticket in the basket next to which bicycle she was hoping to win, she did exactly what she said she was going to do. She put her ticket in the basket for one of the boy bicycles so that if they drew her name, her brother would have a bicycle because she already has one. My son just has a tricycle still. Talk about an unselfish moment!

She had two of them last night though so let me tell you about the other one. Each student was given 3 free books. When she went to pick out her books she was going to get 2 for herself and her third book choice was going to be for her little brother. Twice in one night she was thinking of him! I was SO proud of her! She ended up not really finding one that she felt he would like so she got all 3 books for herself but she did have the thought of getting him one. Awww......big sister does love her little brother! I knew she did. She just doesn't always show it! I love it when she does though!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get Well Card Idea

This morning I had an idea of what I was going to blog about but then my daughter gave me a new topic to share. She was sitting on the couch and out of no where, literally no where, came up with a poem that she thought would be great for a get well card.

I have no idea what on Earth made her think of this but hey, kids minds are all over the place sometimes aren't they? I love that she is always thinking, thinking, thinking! I love that she always has SO many ideas, some being good and some being not so good of course. It's great that she is always using her imagination though!

So her poem this morning was:

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Old people hurt.
Sorry for you.
Get well soon!

On our walk to school this morning after her telling me this poem, we were discussing for what age of people this get well card would be for. At first she said from the ages of 20-40. I asked her if she thought people who were 20-40 were old? She said no. Funny thing was, the school crossing guard heard me ask that and kind of chuckled a bit.

On the way back across the street to come home, I filled the crossing guard in on what my daughter and I were discussing. I told him that she had since decided the card idea was better for people who were between the ages of 50-100.

My daughter wasn't sure what kind of picture would go with her poem. I'll have to ask her after school if she thought about it anymore.

I doubt her idea will be the next Hallmark card but I do think it was a pretty good idea for an 8 year old to come up with! Don't you?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quote For The Day-4/25/2012

Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.
Charles Kettering

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Family Feud

We were watching the television game show "The Family Feud" yesterday evening. The question asked of 100 people was "Name something it takes two to do". One of the answers was "roll in the hay". To which my daughter immediately asked about.

Ummmm.....yeah. What do you tell an 8 year old who wants to know what a roll in the hay is? I just told her she didn't need to know. "The Family Feud" isn't exactly always a family television game show, now is it?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Relisting Sold Items

So as some of you probably know, I have an Etsy shop found here on The topic of this blog post has to do with selling items on Etsy. My question to fellow Etsy shop owners is this:

Do you relist a sold item that you are able to remake BEFORE or AFTER you remake it?

I use to relist my sold items that I could make again pretty much right after I sold them. This sometimes made it to where I was having to crochet, crochet, crochet at times especially during the holiday shopping months when sales are up. Although I was happy with the sales, it made for a bit of stress having to make so many things in such a short period of time. This was the case two holiday shopping seasons in a row.

I have since decided to only relist a sold item if I have already remade it. Unfortunately this has resulted in fewer sales for me but the pressure of having to rush to make things is definitely gone. Unfortunately by not having that pressure, I also find myself slacking off and not crocheting as much as I probably should in order to be able to add more items. Adding more items is key to being seen and getting sales so I really do need to get myself in gear and devote more time to crocheting even if there is no pressure.

By having everything listed already made, I am usually able to get items purchased mailed to my buyers much more quickly though so that is a plus to my new way of doing things.

Soooo.....back to my question:

Do you relist a sold item that you are able to remake BEFORE or AFTER you remake it?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

6am Clean-Up

After FINALLY getting to sleep due to our LOVELY (and that WAS sarcastic) neighbor and his friends partying LOUDLY until AFTER 2am, I was woken up by a HORRIBLE smell!

The time was around 6am and the adorable black and white spotted face in my avatar had decided to leave "presents" in the kitchen for us. As soon as I smelled the smell I knew what the doggie had done. It's happened before. As she is getting older, she can't hold it all the time but also doesn't bother to even let us know she wants out in the middle of the night. Sometimes we actually think she goes to the bathroom in her sleep too. Poor baby! Part of getting old I suppose.

So anyway, I walk through the house to the kitchen and expect to find a pile of doggie doo. Well, I did along with more! She had done her business, both numbers, and then proceeded to walk through it tracking it all over most of the kitchen floor! YUCK! YUCK! And did I mention YUCK!

Of course she was just lying there sleeping when I came in as if nothing had happened. I let her outside and then cleaned up her mess with some spray cleaner then went back to bed for a few more hours.

When I got up again I made everyone stay out of the kitchen and I mopped over the whole floor more than once with some bleach water. Now my floor looks awesome! Would have rather just been able to mop and NOT have the other mess to clean up first but hey, guess that is one of the joys (if you want to REALLY call it that) of having a doggie. Talk about a "crappy" morning! Hope the rest of my day will be better than the way it started!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Chores And Plans

Why oh why are there always SO many things to clean up and put away? Wait, I know! It's because I'm married and have kids!

Seems like every time I turn around there is a new mess to clean up. Right now as I'm typing this I can hear my son in his room playing/messing up his room that my daughter and I JUST cleaned up! Little does he know he will be helping re-clean it here in a bit. :-)

I've already put the dishes in the dishwasher this morning since they wouldn't hop on in there on their own. Stubborn dishes!

Next on my to do list is to fold and put away some laundry. I've yet to train it to fold and put away itself. It is as stubborn as those dishes!

After laundry, I think I'll crochet a bit before going out for a bite to eat. I don't feel like cooking today. So, what are your Saturday chores and plans?

Friday, April 20, 2012

1am "vroom"

Alrighty, since I missed a day of blogging this week, I'm posting two posts today to make up for it. I may not end up with a blog post EACH day this year, but hopefully by the end of the year, I will still have a total of 366 blog posts for the whole year. Only time will tell! I'm guessing that there will be another time when I fall behind again and have to play catch up though, but hey, life happens so what can you do?

Speaking of life happening, what I'm blogging about in this post will probably make your jaw drop so have your hand ready to pick it back up.

Someone who lives near us had what we only hope will be a lesson learned in life and won't repeat their recent actions.

About 1am this morning, I was startled out of bed by a "vroom" noise. I had pretty much JUST fallen asleep when I heard the loud "vroom" noise. Hubby was having a hard time getting to sleep so he was still awake at the time. He jumped out of bed and ran to the window. I jumped out of bed and asked, "What was that?" Hubby's reply to me was that a car had just driven through our front yard and had pulled into the driveway across the street! He had gotten to the window in time to see the car in the middle of our front yard.

I went to look out the front door window and sure enough the car that hubby had seen drive through our yard was parked in the driveway across the street on the corner. Our neighbor was the one who had driven through our yard! We watched them put the car in the garage, close the garage door, and turn off the lights. No one came back out. We saw other neighbors outside looking around and then they all went back in. We looked out of our windows at our yard and didn't see anything so we eventually went back to bed, although it did take awhile to fall back asleep.

It wasn't until this morning when my hubby and daughter were heading off to work and school that we saw the aftermath of the middle of the night event. On the corner of our house smashing in our guttering and scratching the concrete foundation a bit, was our next door neighbor's bbq grill and a plank from their picnic table that had once been sitting in their front yard.

After hubby got back from taking our daughter to school, I went across the street to talk to the neighbor I had seen outside looking around when this all happened. We knew what had happened on OUR side of the street so we wanted to see what had happened on THEIR side.

Turns out that apparently the neighbor who did this was drinking and driving and came barreling down the street perpendicular to ours going at least 70-80 miles per hour, according to other witnesses, skidded on the brakes at the corner but was still going TOO fast to make the corner. He then plowed through our neighbor's yard, hitting his tree, demolishing his picnic table, hitting the corner of his front concrete stoop breaking off a pretty good chunk of it, hit the corner of his garage and house, then plowed through his bbq grill throwing it up into the corner of our house. He finished off his off roading by driving through our yard, across our driveway, and up the hill to his driveway, where he put his car in the garage, and went in for the night. CRAZY! CRAZY!

When my hubby and two of our other neighbors went and knocked on his door this morning he didn't answer. It wasn't until the police knocked on his door that he owned up to what he had done. He says he will pay for all repairs so hopefully he will keep his word. Only time will tell!

Thank the Lord no one was hurt and it is all just material things but it SERIOUSLY could have been SO much worse!

Do You Follow?

The topic for this post is going to be about Twitter again. The other day I posted about what you use Twitter for. If you missed it, you can read it here.

My first question for this blog post is:

Do you follow everyone on Twitter who follows you?

I don't and it's not necessarily because I don't want to, it is more because I wouldn't be able to read everything everyone tweeted if I followed everyone that follows me.

I'm not really THAT popular so I only have 61 followers but that is still quite a bit for lil' ol me! At least I think so!

Call me crazy but I like to actually try to read each and every tweet posted by those that I follow. I don't see how it's possible for people to do that when they are following hundreds of other people?

I am currently following 36 other people on Twitter and can usually stay pretty caught up with all their tweets. Most of the ones I'm following are following me but some are not.

I would rather follow fewer people and actually be able to read their tweets than follow a whole bunch of people and only be able to read part of them. That's just my personal preference though. Everyone is different and that's A OK! If we were all the same, the world would be a pretty boring place!

So..... since I don't follow back EVERYONE who follows me, that leads me to my second question. If you follow someone and they don't follow you back, do you unfollow them?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Featured In Treasuries

I love finding in my activity feed that someone has featured one of my items in their treasury. When I'm featured in a treasury I try to favorite it, comment on it, give it some clicks, and also put it on Twitter.

What do you do when you are featured in a treasury?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby Drool, Spit-Up, And Poop Oh My!

This blog post is gonna be a bit on the yucky side but I think anyone who has kids or has ever cared for children will probably be able to relate to this post.

So baby drool, baby spit-up, and baby poop are all pretty gross to begin with but are even MORE gross when they aren't coming out of your own children!

I do childcare for a church and although I do enjoy taking care of the kids there, I can sometimes get grossed out when one of the three things listed above start coming out of the kids we're watching.

I know the babies can't help it though. If it needs to come out then it needs to come out. Just wish it wasn't on me!

Monday, April 16, 2012

What Do You Use Twitter For?

I have a Twitter account and have had one for awhile now. I honestly can't even remember when I got it?

I use it to share my listings as I add them to my Etsy shop, to share my new blog posts, and to share the daily treasuries my daughter and/or I make. I also use it to post treasuries made by others, especially ones I'm featured in, and I will also post items from fellow Etsians or at least retweet something someone else has posted. Usually if I like the item I do this but sometimes I'll retweet just to help someone get more views. I've found that if you are willing to take time to tweet things for others, then sometimes they will return the kindness and tweet some of your items.

I've recently started using Twitter to also chat with others online but still don't do this THAT much.

So that is what I use Twitter for and now that brings me to the question in the title of this blog post: What do you use Twitter for?

Do you use it for business purposes?

Social networking?

Or both? Do tell!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

All I Can Say Is WOW!

Be fair warned that this blog post is basically me ranting about what I think of Blake Shelton. So if you are a fan of his, you may not like what I'm gonna write. Just remember, everyone has their own opinion and I don't expect ANYONE to agree with me unless they WANT to. Some of you will possibly find this post judgmental, some of you will agree with it, and some of you could probably care less. Just remember it is just MY opinion.

So as I previously posted here on my blog, my family enjoys watching the television show called The Voice when we get the chance. The judges on this show are Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton. I have to say that I think Blake Shelton WAS my favorite judge on this show. Notice I typed the word WAS.

After reading on twitter this morning what he wrote, I don't think quite the same of Blake Shelton anymore. I realize I am just one lil' person and I'm SURE he won't care, but hey, this is my blog, and I'm gonna write my opinion of him here for anyone who wants to read it!

Apparently Blake Shelton is from the state of Oklahoma and yesterday the Midwest including Oklahoma had A LOT of severe weather which included A LOT of tornadoes. We were very thankful that it missed us but many people were not so fortunate.

Alright, so here is why this post is titled "All I Can Say Is WOW", and that is not a good WOW either.

Blake Shelton tweeted something that he apparently thought funny. I didn't find it too funny but wouldn't have thought much of it if there hadn't been further tweets regarding it.

He had posted: I'm so drunk right now I just walked in to Starbucks and shouted "I ordered a skinny Latino hottè!!! Not a grandè vanilla naughteè..."

Another person on Twitter apparently didn't find Blake's tweet too funny either as they replied back to it by writing: well that's so funny. Not really. Your home state has had fatal tornados. So drink on.

To which Blake replied: And yet.. Here you are tweeting me. Hmm..?

Now if that had been the end of it I would not really think differently of Blake Shelton. I would probably still think he seemed like a pretty cool guy. I'd probably still think he was a lot of fun to watch on The Voice and I'd probably still think he was a pretty cool celebrity figure.

But.......obviously as you have probably already guessed, that was not the end of it. Blake Shelton, in my opinion, decided to show his UGLY side. Not only did he reply back with what I posted above, but he also decided to get in his other two cents by replying back: also when it's time for someone to raise money to help...? Between the two of us guess who that'll be...

Now, I don't think the comment made to Blake to begin with should have been made either. I mean, come on. Just because he is from a state that is having severe weather doesn't mean he has to stop living his life because of that. Seriously, what was he suppose to do? Like he can control the weather! Awww.....but he can control what he tweets on Twitter which is where he showed that UGLY side of his.

Maybe it's just me but I thought that second reply was totally uncalled for! In my post on Meeting Celebrities I posted that my guess is some of the celebrity people are super, down to Earth, and really nice while others probably really show the fact that they are famous, have money, and think they are better than everyone else.

I use to think Blake Shelton fell in the category of really nice but now I think he falls in the category of thinking he is better than everyone else. Thumbs down to his attitude! Hopefully his wife doesn't share the same attitude!

Yes, a lot of people know who Blake Shelton is and that he has money. Yes, he's famous! Yes, he's talented but there is no need for him to make comments like that. It just makes him look like a jerk but hey, he obviously doesn't care. Maybe that's what he wants?

I think Blake's comment about raising money was a bit insensitive. It was like he was implying that just because he's famous he'd HAVE to be the one to raise money for those affected by the storms. I'm sure that there are a lot of people out there who, if they could, would help to raise money for those who were affected by the storms yesterday. I know I would but unfortunately my family, like many families, are not as well off in the financial department as a celebrity.

And yes, there is no one to blame for that but ourselves for not having the courage, self-confidence, and personality that it takes to be in the spotlight. I personally don't want to be famous. I think it takes a certain type of person to be famous and I'm not that type of person. I will freely admit that. I just don't have that outgoing spirit that I think it takes to be a celebrity. Kudos to those that do though BUT that still doesn't make them BETTER than everyone else.

When I commented to my hubby about how Blake Shelton seemed like an alright guy when we watched him on The Voice, my hubby told me that he thinks Blake Shelton seemed pretty arrogant. I have to agree now for sure!

Now even though I find Blake Shelton to be one of the "I'm famous and better than you celebrities", I do still think he is a great singer and won't deny that. I will probably still listen to his music and probably still watch The Voice, but I will also always remember what he tweeted and never fully be a fan of his now.

NOTE: The other celebrity judges on the show The Voice may very well be the same type of celebrity as Blake Shelton but as of now I don't think they are. I have not "read" their UGLY sides yet. Hopefully I never will! I don't want to be as disappointed in any of them as I was when I read Blake's tweet.

Yes, hubby and I are only two lil' people so what we think of Blake Shelton really doesn't matter but Blake Shelton should really remember that HE isn't the ONLY one who made him what he is today. It took fans like lil' ol me to help get him his fame and fortune so maybe he SHOULD care at least a little bit about what people think of him. It's his fans who buy his music! Ok, rant over! LOL!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Will Make You Laugh

So I am very afraid of spiders. VERY afraid! Especially larger ones and even some of the smaller ones. Mostly the furry mean looking ones! Can you say EEEEEEEK!

My hubby asked me one time, "What's the spider going to do to you?" My answer was that it could bite me. I just don't like spiders!

If there is a spider to be killed, I will not kill it unless I am the ONLY person around to do so. If hubby is home, I will watch the spider like a hawk until hubby gets to it to kill it. If I have company over and a spider makes an appearance, my company would have to kill the spider. So keep this fear of spiders of mine in mind as you read this blog post.

Yesterday I got home from my grandparents house and my son had fallen asleep on the drive home. I carried him in and while he was napping I started to clean up the house because we were having people over last night. As I'm tidying up I notice a spider. Ewwww! Yuck! Grrrr! No one was here but my son and I and no one was going to be here for quite sometime. It was up to me to kill the spider but I didn't wanna.

I just kept looking at it each time I walked past it while cleaning. I thought that I could just leave it for hubby to deal with when he got home if it just stayed put. Yeah, that was probably NOT going to happen. While I was here to watch it, it probably wouldn't move but I just knew that the moment I walked up to the school to get my daughter it was going to go hide somewhere! Then when my hubby got home I would have had to make him look for it which we all know, he might not have ever found it.

Soooooo.......knowing no one else was going to be here for awhile I put on my brave face, which let me tell you wasn't really all THAT brave, and I tried to convince myself to kill the spider. I got some toilet paper in hand and went over to where the spider was. I started to get close enough to kill it but just couldn't. It was a fat one! It looked like a mean one! I was scared!

I tried to get enough nerve but still just couldn't bring myself to get too close. I knew I had to be the one to kill it though so I thought of another idea. Tape! I have a larger tape gun that I use for packaging. I decided to get a piece of that tape. Figured the spider would stick to it and wouldn't be able to get away or crawl on me if it was stuck to the tape.

Soooooo.......tape in hand I headed back to the spider. Got up the nerve and STICK! Stuck the tape on top of the spider. Once the spider was good and stuck under the tape and I knew it wasn't going anywhere, I took a closer look. Now if you haven't already been smiling, giggling, or down right laughing at me yet, you will be here in a few seconds.

After closer inspection of the spider under the tape, I realized the spider I had stuck the tape on was already dead. Yep, DEAD! I killed a dead spider! I got him good and dead! Seriously, how funny is that? LOL! I was totally scared and freaking out for NO reason!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wanna Be Featured?

I really enjoy featuring fellow Etsy shops on my blog. If you have an Etsy shop and would like to be featured, let me know!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meeting Celebrities

Ever met a celebrity? If not, have you ever wanted to meet one? Recently I thought about this topic and decided to blog about it today.

On Monday evenings, when we are able to, my family enjoys watching the television show called The Voice. We really enjoyed watching the blind auditions for this show and the battle rounds weren't too bad either. Now it is in the rounds where America helps decide who moves on.

Of course, although we do like it, I can't say that my family are HUGE fans of the show, because I'll admit we've missed part of this season. :-(

HUGE fans wouldn't miss a second of it! I'd classify my family as fans, but I think we might be becoming bigger fans. It's really a great show! If you have never watched it, you should really tune in sometime. :-)

On Monday evenings, one of my brothers will sometimes come over so we can watch the television show called Scrubs. This of course makes us miss part of The Voice but hey, gotta spend time with your siblings when you can!

I have the whole series of Scrubs on dvd and we've been watching it from the beginning. Started with season 1 episode 1 and are now ready for season 8 episode 1. There are 9 seasons total. After we finish the last season I think we're going to start doing movie night unless one of us comes up with another television series to watch.

Soooo.... since we watch The Voice on Monday evenings sometimes, we have seen that Twitter is a big part of the show as well. Soooo.....since I have a Twitter account I decided to look up a few of the judges on Twitter to see if I could find them. I think I found the "real" ones. At least I hope so. It's crazy how people try to impersonate people on the internet. Really no sense to it in my opinion but hey, what can you do? Nothing really.

Now, isn't it funny how one thought can lead to another thought which leads to something else? Kind of what happened to me the past few days. All that stuff you read above led to all the stuff you're going to read next. :-)

Our Monday evening routine and looking up a few of the celebrity judges from The Voice on twitter got me thinking about the first questions in this post. Ever met a celebrity? If not, have you ever wanted to meet one?

And those questions got me thinking about when I was younger. Now I'm going to show my age with this memory. Lol.

I have never met a celebrity, famous person, however you want to refer to them as, but I do remember when I was a teenager I came close to meeting Brian Austin Green who was very popular with the teenage girls at the time. Back in the early 1990's. You know who he is? He was one of the guys from the television show Beverly Hills 90210? He starred alongside Luke Perry and Jason Priestly.

I remember Brian Austin Green came to one of our local malls. My friends and I didn't get to personally meet him but thought it was SO cool to be SO close to where he was. We had a camera and I remember we got someone who could get closer than we could to snap a picture for us. I think it might have been someone from one of the local radio stations but quite honestly I don't remember for sure. I'm pretty sure I still have that picture somewhere around here though. :-)

As an adult now, I can't believe how silly I use to act over actors and actresses when I was younger. Like how cool it would have been to meet them? Seriously, what was I thinking? Like they'd ever want to meet lil' ol me? They were cool. I was not. They were SOMEBODY. I was not.

I remember I use to have my walls COVERED with pictures and posters especially of the Beverly Hills 90210 gang. Makes me wonder what celebrities my daughter will be secretly hoping to meet and which ones will be hanging on the walls of her room once she hits the teenage years? Oh my, I'm NOT ready for those years!

Someday I do think it would be interesting to meet someone famous but if I never get to, I think I'd be fine with that as well. My guess is some of the celebrity people are super, down to Earth, and really nice while others probably really show the fact that they are famous, have money, and think they are better than everyone else. Obviously, if I ever get to meet one of them I would prefer the first type. I'm guessing that lil' ol' me probably won't be meeting anyone famous but I guess you just never know, huh? Only time will tell.

So have any of you ever met a celebrity/famous person? If so, who and were they nice? If not, do tell who you loved to meet if given the chance!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blog Post Topics

I love to blog and hope that you are enjoying reading my ramblings. :-)

Since I have a New Year's resolution to post a blog post each day this year, I am going to need A LOT of topics.

If you have any thoughts/ideas on something you'd like me to write about, let me know, and I'll see what I can come up with!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Ninth Featured Etsian

While making the daily treasury today for our New Year's resolution for a treasury a day this year, I came across a lot of great spotted items! Some being doggies and some not! I decided to use one of the Etsy shops I found one of the spotted finds in as my ninth featured Etsian!

Here is one of the black and white items I found:

OMG! Isn't that just one of the CUTEST puppies you ever did see? This adorable dalmatian puppy photographic print along with a lot more awesome photographic prints including some more spotted puppies can be found here, in my ninth featured Etsian's shop, Icons Photography. Go have a look at all the GREAT listings! Maybe you'll just have to have one of them for your home!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Do You Hear That?

Do you hear that? No? Listen again. Now do you hear that? No? either!

It is SO quiet in my house right now that I don't hear anything either. Oh it is SO nice!

My son is napping, my daughter is downstairs, and my hubby is at work.

I am LOVING my peace and quiet! Doesn't happen too often so I'll enjoy it while I can!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Eighth Featured Etsian

Happy Easter everyone! As some of you may already know, I had two New Year's resolutions for 2012. One was to blog every day this year and one was to make a treasury every day this year.

Well, I found my eighth featured Etsian earlier today when making my treasury for the day. With it being Easter I decided the theme of my treasury was going to be bunnies. Perfect day to show off those adorable long eared critters, don't ya think?

So my eighth featured Etsian is SusanWindsor and her Etsy shop can be found here. The AWESOME bunny rabbit watercolor painting seen at the top of this blog post is the item I found of hers when searching for bunnies for my treasury but don't let that bunny be the only work of hers that you take a peek at. You have just GOT to go see her ENTIRE shop. Amazing talent to be found there. Did I say amazing? I meant ABSOLUTELY amazing! Go look already will ya?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stocking Up For A Craft Show

I have officially signed up for my first craft show of the year. It's a well attended fall festival craft show that I have participated in the past few years. I have wonderful return buyers who come back to shop my booth. This year I hope they will be able to find me as the set up is going to be a lot different from years past. There are pros and cons to the differences but overall I think everything will work out just fine.

Lately I've been trying to not only keep up with Etsy orders and adding NEW items to my Etsy shop, but I've also been trying to get some inventory built up to be prepared for the craft show. I am never quite as prepared as I would like but this year I am DETERMINED to have plenty so that people who come into my booth will have LOTS to choose from. I still have a few months so I'll be keeping busy. That's for sure!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sleeping In

My daughter is out of school for four days! Yay! Today is the first day, then we have the regular weekend, and Monday will be the fourth day. Knowing she didn't have school today, last night hubby asked if we were planning on sleeping in. My answer to that question was yes.

Well, this morning I was tossing and turning a bit then decided to look at the clock. Yep, you guessed it. It was still early. I hadn't slept in unless you consider 3 minutes past when my alarm normally goes off to be sleeping in. During the week I usually set my alarm for 8:15am. This morning when I looked at my clock when I woke up, it had the numbers 8:18am. You have got to be kidding me? I wanted to sleep in, NOT pretty much get up at the same time I usually do!

So, did I get up? Nope. I rolled back over and went back to sleep. Next time I looked at the clock I saw the number 9:50am. Woohoo! I had successfully slept in! Of course then I felt like I had wasted my morning but I think a little extra rest is needed sometimes.

When I got up hubby and my daughter were already up but my son was still snoozing away. He woke up not much longer after I did though.

Since I slept in, I am now a bit behind on my day. I'll have to get busy to get things accomplished now. I'm off to a good start. I've done some things online and will next be getting a few packages ready for the post office. After that all of us will be getting ready to go out to run some errands which include shopping for my son's Easter outfit (I already bought my daughter an Easter dress), mailing packages at the post office, and going to get a picture of the kids with the Easter bunny. Oh what fun!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Perfect Timing

Each school year at Easter time my daughter has given each of her classmates an Easter egg with a little something in it. Usually just something small like an eraser, an Easter sticker or two, and/or a few pieces of candy. Nothing too major as not much will fit in one Easter egg anyway. Just the thought that counts!

So last night we got out our Easter things to get her eggs ready for her classmates today since they will be out of school for the next four days starting tomorrow. Well, after looking to see what we had, we realized we needed to go to the store to get a few things. Off to shop we went!

We got back and I got started on getting the eggs filled. My daughter started out helping me but then got busy doing something else. Hubby ended up finishing helping me. It was basically a family effort put forth to get the eggs ready. My son didn't actually "help" per say but he was sitting there watching and then played with some of the extra eggs so he was involved too. :-)

Once they were all filled, we put them in my daughter's pink basket and set them aside so we could have supper and so my son would not play with the eggs. He's really and I mean REALLY good at getting into things! LOL!

This morning was pretty much a regular morning. Hubby got up first and took his shower. I got up a little after that and got my daughter up. She gets herself ready now. I got my daughter's breakfast for her and then got her lunch and backpack ready for school.

It was time to go to school. My daughter got her jacket on and I handed her her backpack. I kissed her and hubby bye and said I love you. Out the door they went. Off to school and off to work. My son was still sleeping so I went to work online.

Not too long after my daughter and hubby had left, I went into the kitchen for something, turned around, and saw it! Yep, you guessed it! The pink basket of Easter eggs for my daughter to hand out at school! Oh no! She'd forgotten them. Hubby and I had both not thought about them either. That's what we get for putting them aside and not leaving them out so we could see them!

Of course, I could just picture her being sad and upset once she realized she forgot them. I thought about how she could just hand them out next week when they went back to school but then Easter would be over plus I figured my daughter would not want to do that so I scurried around the house. Got my son and myself ready and out the door we went to take the pink basket to the school.

We were going to walk to school but it was misting out so I decided to go ahead and drive. We were at the school in no time as we only live a block away.

I rang the bell to get into the school because after school starts the doors are all locked so no one can get in. While waiting for someone to unlock the door I see my daughter's teacher and my daughter's class walking through the hall, heading back upstairs to their classroom.

The door is unlocked and my son and I go in. Here's comes my daughter down the hall. I peeked into the office to let them know I was just going to give the basket to my daughter because she had forgotten it. Once my daughter got to us she had a smile on her face. She handed the box she was carrying over to one of her classmates and took her pink basket full of eggs. Can you say perfect timing? I couldn't have timed that any better, could I?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paper Or Plastic

So when you go shopping and hear the question, "Paper or plastic?" What is your answer? Or do you bring in your own bags?

I sometimes bring my own bags when I remember to grab them when heading out the door. I then have to remember to actually take them into the store when I get there. A lot of times I forget.

So when I forget my own bags and am asked the question, "Paper or plastic?", I almost always choose paper. I have SO many plastic bags around the house that I just don't need, want, or have any use for but brown paper bags on the other hand come in very handy for me.

I have found that brown paper bags are GREAT for making my own shipping bags to mail out orders to my buyers from my Etsy shop. Brown paper bags are pretty thick but light weight so it helps to keep shipping costs down for my buyers.

Soooo.......paper or plastic or do you use your own bags?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Idea For The Boys

My son was right next to me playing with all his little toy cars and a new idea came to me. Most of my crocheted items are pretty much, well, for girls.

Looking at my sons cars made me think about crocheting a new item that would be well, for boys.

I'm going to make some scrubbies that are shaped like tires. Tires are definitely boyish right? Stay tuned to my Etsy shop here for the tires to make their debut!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Does My Fingertip Hurt?

We went out of town over the weekend to see my hubby's family. Yesterday on the drive back I was crocheting and the tip of my right index finger was hurting. I would stop crocheting, look at it, and not really see anything wrong. I could not figure out what on Earth was making it sore so I'd go back to crocheting.

Last night when I was sitting at the computer after we got home, I touched one of my ears and felt the point of one of my earrings. Well, it was that moment that it then dawned on me what was making my fingertip hurt.

The night before I took off my earrings and as I was putting the back on one of them to set them away for the night, I had accidentally poked my fingertip with the point of the earring. I've had my ears pierced twice in each ear. The earrings I had been wearing were actually one of the pairs that I got when I had gotten my ears pierced one of the times and those earrings do have a sharp point to them.

It's so funny and crazy that I had totally forgotten that had happened with the earring. Apparently I hadn't bumped or touched anything with that fingertip since poking it so I didn't even realize it was sore and tender to the touch until when I was crocheting yesterday afternoon. I'm too young to be so darn forgetful!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day

Happy April 1st! Happy April Fools Day! Anyone pull any April Fools jokes on anyone?

Once my daughter played a small joke on my grandparents. She told them they had mail when they didn't. She really got a kick out of watching grandpa walk to the mailbox to find nothing in it and then laughed when she said, "April Fools!"