Monday, April 16, 2012

What Do You Use Twitter For?

I have a Twitter account and have had one for awhile now. I honestly can't even remember when I got it?

I use it to share my listings as I add them to my Etsy shop, to share my new blog posts, and to share the daily treasuries my daughter and/or I make. I also use it to post treasuries made by others, especially ones I'm featured in, and I will also post items from fellow Etsians or at least retweet something someone else has posted. Usually if I like the item I do this but sometimes I'll retweet just to help someone get more views. I've found that if you are willing to take time to tweet things for others, then sometimes they will return the kindness and tweet some of your items.

I've recently started using Twitter to also chat with others online but still don't do this THAT much.

So that is what I use Twitter for and now that brings me to the question in the title of this blog post: What do you use Twitter for?

Do you use it for business purposes?

Social networking?

Or both? Do tell!

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