Sunday, June 17, 2012

Menus Can Be Dirtier Than Toilet Seats

Menus are rarely properly cleaned, and every person who comes through a restaurant touches them. A recent test by The Dr. Oz Show uncovered 7 out of 7 sample menus from restaurants in the New York City area were covered in bacteria, including fecal bacteria like E.coli and pneumonia-causing streptococcus.

Solution: Grip the menu by the top corners instead of holding it by the bottom. Most people hold the menu by the lower half, so you’ll be minimizing your exposure to bacteria.


  1. I saw Dr. Oz's episode on that, completely changed how I feel when I'm eating out. I hand sanitize when I sit down and now after I am done ordering off the menu! Thanks for sharing that tip!

  2. Sometimes most restaurants have no proper maintenance with regards to their foods. They usually left it unprotected from bacterias that may harm our health.