Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get Well Card Idea

This morning I had an idea of what I was going to blog about but then my daughter gave me a new topic to share. She was sitting on the couch and out of no where, literally no where, came up with a poem that she thought would be great for a get well card.

I have no idea what on Earth made her think of this but hey, kids minds are all over the place sometimes aren't they? I love that she is always thinking, thinking, thinking! I love that she always has SO many ideas, some being good and some being not so good of course. It's great that she is always using her imagination though!

So her poem this morning was:

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Old people hurt.
Sorry for you.
Get well soon!

On our walk to school this morning after her telling me this poem, we were discussing for what age of people this get well card would be for. At first she said from the ages of 20-40. I asked her if she thought people who were 20-40 were old? She said no. Funny thing was, the school crossing guard heard me ask that and kind of chuckled a bit.

On the way back across the street to come home, I filled the crossing guard in on what my daughter and I were discussing. I told him that she had since decided the card idea was better for people who were between the ages of 50-100.

My daughter wasn't sure what kind of picture would go with her poem. I'll have to ask her after school if she thought about it anymore.

I doubt her idea will be the next Hallmark card but I do think it was a pretty good idea for an 8 year old to come up with! Don't you?

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