Sunday, April 22, 2012

6am Clean-Up

After FINALLY getting to sleep due to our LOVELY (and that WAS sarcastic) neighbor and his friends partying LOUDLY until AFTER 2am, I was woken up by a HORRIBLE smell!

The time was around 6am and the adorable black and white spotted face in my avatar had decided to leave "presents" in the kitchen for us. As soon as I smelled the smell I knew what the doggie had done. It's happened before. As she is getting older, she can't hold it all the time but also doesn't bother to even let us know she wants out in the middle of the night. Sometimes we actually think she goes to the bathroom in her sleep too. Poor baby! Part of getting old I suppose.

So anyway, I walk through the house to the kitchen and expect to find a pile of doggie doo. Well, I did along with more! She had done her business, both numbers, and then proceeded to walk through it tracking it all over most of the kitchen floor! YUCK! YUCK! And did I mention YUCK!

Of course she was just lying there sleeping when I came in as if nothing had happened. I let her outside and then cleaned up her mess with some spray cleaner then went back to bed for a few more hours.

When I got up again I made everyone stay out of the kitchen and I mopped over the whole floor more than once with some bleach water. Now my floor looks awesome! Would have rather just been able to mop and NOT have the other mess to clean up first but hey, guess that is one of the joys (if you want to REALLY call it that) of having a doggie. Talk about a "crappy" morning! Hope the rest of my day will be better than the way it started!

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