Thursday, April 5, 2012

Perfect Timing

Each school year at Easter time my daughter has given each of her classmates an Easter egg with a little something in it. Usually just something small like an eraser, an Easter sticker or two, and/or a few pieces of candy. Nothing too major as not much will fit in one Easter egg anyway. Just the thought that counts!

So last night we got out our Easter things to get her eggs ready for her classmates today since they will be out of school for the next four days starting tomorrow. Well, after looking to see what we had, we realized we needed to go to the store to get a few things. Off to shop we went!

We got back and I got started on getting the eggs filled. My daughter started out helping me but then got busy doing something else. Hubby ended up finishing helping me. It was basically a family effort put forth to get the eggs ready. My son didn't actually "help" per say but he was sitting there watching and then played with some of the extra eggs so he was involved too. :-)

Once they were all filled, we put them in my daughter's pink basket and set them aside so we could have supper and so my son would not play with the eggs. He's really and I mean REALLY good at getting into things! LOL!

This morning was pretty much a regular morning. Hubby got up first and took his shower. I got up a little after that and got my daughter up. She gets herself ready now. I got my daughter's breakfast for her and then got her lunch and backpack ready for school.

It was time to go to school. My daughter got her jacket on and I handed her her backpack. I kissed her and hubby bye and said I love you. Out the door they went. Off to school and off to work. My son was still sleeping so I went to work online.

Not too long after my daughter and hubby had left, I went into the kitchen for something, turned around, and saw it! Yep, you guessed it! The pink basket of Easter eggs for my daughter to hand out at school! Oh no! She'd forgotten them. Hubby and I had both not thought about them either. That's what we get for putting them aside and not leaving them out so we could see them!

Of course, I could just picture her being sad and upset once she realized she forgot them. I thought about how she could just hand them out next week when they went back to school but then Easter would be over plus I figured my daughter would not want to do that so I scurried around the house. Got my son and myself ready and out the door we went to take the pink basket to the school.

We were going to walk to school but it was misting out so I decided to go ahead and drive. We were at the school in no time as we only live a block away.

I rang the bell to get into the school because after school starts the doors are all locked so no one can get in. While waiting for someone to unlock the door I see my daughter's teacher and my daughter's class walking through the hall, heading back upstairs to their classroom.

The door is unlocked and my son and I go in. Here's comes my daughter down the hall. I peeked into the office to let them know I was just going to give the basket to my daughter because she had forgotten it. Once my daughter got to us she had a smile on her face. She handed the box she was carrying over to one of her classmates and took her pink basket full of eggs. Can you say perfect timing? I couldn't have timed that any better, could I?

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