Thursday, January 31, 2013

Totally New Thursday Week 5

And it's Thursday again! Wowser! Where has this month gone?

Well, with it being Thursday that means it was time for me to add a NEW item to our shop so as to keep keeping up with one of my New Year's resolutions to add a NEW item every Thursday and then blog about it here for you all to read!

Today's NEW item will make you think of spring! Ta da! Introducing flower pen covers!

As of now, they come in sunflowers:

And daisies:

So which flower is your favorite? You can find both pair listed in our shop here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Plugging Noses

So I was just in my daughter's room tucking her in for the night when my son comes running to the doorway.

He precedes to tell me, "Mommy, I want to plug my nose under water."

I look over at him to find he has a chip clip attached to his nose. Boys!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Totally New Thursday Week 4

Well, with today being Thursday, that means I have a New Year's resolution to continue to keep: add a NEW item to our Etsy shop and then blog about it here. Although we have a few different types of dish scrubbies already listed, today the NEW listing is an even DIFFERENT design of dish scrubbie!

Ta da! Introducing our popcorn stitch cotton yarn and nylon netting dish scrubbie! So far I've only made the white and light blue one pictured BUT there will be more colors available when I have the time to make them! I'm VERY pleased with how this dish scrubbie turned out! What do you think?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Totally New Thursday Week 3

Time for my totally new Thursday blog post to continue keeping up with one of my two, 2013 New Year's resolutions! I know! I'm a bit LATE with this post but hey, better LATE than not at all, right?

The NEW item added to our Etsy shop tonight is a perfect item to use this summer. Now, we already have this TYPE of item listed in our shop, BUT we don't have this color combo. If you've ever browsed our shop you might have seen our daisy can koozie. Now if you browse our shop you'll also see a sunflower can koozie!

This sunflower can koozie is your totally NEW Thursday item for this week! What do ya think? Do you want one now? :-)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Totally New Thursday Week 2

It's Thursday again and that means it was time for me to add a NEW item to our Etsy shop to keep up with one of my New Year's resolutions to add a NEW item every Thursday this year and then blog about it.

The NEW item I added today was a different kind of potholder than those that were already listed. Usually I make just round potholders but the ones added today were a totally different shape. They were square!

Some time ago while participating in a local craft show, the woman in the booth next to us taught my mother and myself how to crochet potholders with the pattern seen in the pictures. Seemed easy enough so I started two not long after she taught us the pattern.

Well, I never ended up completing those two. Imagine that! This past Christmas I decided to try my hand at this particular pattern again and made a square potholder for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It turned out amazing! I was so pleased with it and so proud of it that I ended up making a black one only rather than using a single crochet stitch like I did for my mother-in-law's, I used a double crochet stitch.

Again I was pleased and proud of it that I wanted to make another one. I let my daughter pick out the color for the next one I tried my hand at. She came back from one of my yarn cabinets with a cheery rainbow colored yarn and ta da, you can see the finished product!

At first I wasn't going to make these type of potholders to sell in our shop as they are a bit more time consuming to make than the round ones, BUT they are just turning out so well that I think I will give it a whirl and make a few from time to time. Keep an eye on our shop here to see what other colors might get added.

That my dear blog readers is your totally NEW Thursday item for this week!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Eighteenth Featured Etsian

So for one of my two 2013 New Year's resolutions I said I would shop an Etsy shop on the first Friday of every month this year and then feature that shop on my blog once my purchase arrived to me. Well, the first Friday came and I shopped. What fun that was!

Meet Amber Silcott, my eighteenth featured Etsian, from One of Everything found HERE on Etsy. All of her listed items are handmade finished products that are ready to ship. I can TOTALLY vouch for that too since I ordered my items on Friday and already had them in my hands the following Monday!

Amber spends a lot of time hunting for the best deals she can on supplies so that she can keep her prices as low as possible. Her prices are certainly affordable for just about any budget! Everything pictured in this blog post, 3 pinwheel hair bow clips, 2 bobby pin sets, and 1 hair bow clip, is what I purchased and I got it all including shipping for just $10.25! Yes, you read that right! Only $10.25! 

Of course, I myself took advantage of Amber's clearance section in her shop with all but one of my purchases being from this section BUT if you have a look around in Amber's shop you will see that even her regular priced items are inexpensive and affordable.

I am VERY impressed with the shop I chose to shop! I am VERY happy with my purchases and would HIGHLY recommend this shop to anyone who wears or knows someone who wears hair accessories. I plan to shop from Amber again as soon as my checkbook will let me! With such great items, great prices, and great customer service I don't know why you wouldn't buy from this awesome Etsy shop! I am SO glad I came across it!

Now go shop and then come back to leave a comment telling me what you purchased!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Totally New Thursday Week 1

For one of my two New Year's resolutions for 2013, my goal is to add a NEW item to our Etsy shop EVERY Thursday this year and then blog about it. Well, with today being the first Thursday of 2013, that means a new blog post for you to read is in store and ta da, here it is!

The NEW item I added to our Etsy shop today was something that would be GREAT for the soon to be here holiday of Valentine's Day. Now, we have been selling hand towels for quite some time but the NEW one I listed today is not only a different design, but also a different type of hand towel.

Generally the hand towels listed in our Etsy shop are made of terry cloth type material but the new one listed today is a waffle weave type of material. Since waffle weave material is a bit thinner than terry cloth, I chose to double the waffle weave. I am really pleased with how it turned out and am just loving the pretty pink! So what do you think?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to all my dear blog readers! Hope you had a wonderful first day of 2013! Mine wasn't too shabby! Even took the time to paint my fingernails with our daughter. Mine are now donning a pretty pink color and hers are two toned with every other one being purple or clear sparkle glitter.

The day started out with lounging around the house in my pj's for most of the day while working online getting our Etsy shop back open and filled with 100 listings!

After that, we went to a friend's house for a visit so their daughter and our daughter could have a play date. Our poor son gets left out because the girls don't want to play with him but he manages okay by hanging out with their cat.

With it being the first day of the new year, I'm guessing many of you have thought about New Year's resolutions for 2013. I've been trying to decide upon mine.

LAST year, I made two resolutions to which I really only stuck to one of them. Ooops! Maybe I'll do better this time around.

LAST year, one of my resolutions was for myself or our daughter to make a treasury a day. Well, this one, we pretty much accomplished. Yes, there were days when I was making two treasuries to make up for a missed day, BUT by the end of 2012 we had, between the two of us, made 366 treasuries! Yay us!

My second resolution for last year was the one I didn't do so well at keeping up with. I had hoped to blog every day but alas that didn't happen. I then decided that I would try to at least have 366 blog posts for 2012 by posting more than once a day at times to have enough, but alas I didn't do so well at THAT either. I think I just tried to take on TOO much with last year's resolutions.

SOOOOOOOO......for THIS year, I've decided upon TWO New Year's resolutions again BUT they are going to be things I can do WEEKLY or MONTHLY, not DAILY.

Are you wondering what they are yet? Well, keep reading because I'm about to tell you!

My first New Year's resolution for 2013 is to hopefully add a NEW item to our Etsy shop every Thursday and then blog about it. I'm thinking I'm going to call it: Totally New Thursday. This will not only get a listing added to our shop at least once a week BUT will also challenge me to make NEW items more often.

My second New Year's resolution for 2013 involves helping promote other fellow Etsians! I enjoyed making treasuries last year to help promote other Etsy shops, but those can take SO much time to make that I don't think I can commit to one daily this time around.

This year to help promote other fellow Etsians, I've decided my second New Year's resolution for 2013 will be to shop one Etsy shop a month and then once I receive my item, I'll feature the shop on my blog. I'm going to call THIS resolution: First Friday Find. The first Friday of every month is when I'll do my buying and then when my package gets to me, I'll have my next featured Etsian for my blog. This of course means I'll have to do a lot of shopping. Hmmm....I don't see a problem with that but hopefully my checkbook and hubby will be okay with it too!

So that is how my first day of 2013 went and those are MY New Year's resolutions for 2013. How was day one for you and what are YOUR resolutions? Do tell!