Monday, June 29, 2009

A Sweet And Precious Sound

So I know I have already blogged about baby laughter before but it is just such a sweet and precious sound that I had to blog about it again! Only this time you can hear it instead of just imagining it because I recorded it for you. What you will hear is my baby boy giggling and laughing. Daddy was holding him and walking behind me. I would stop all of a sudden and turn around. He would then laugh out loud. Baby that is, not daddy. Mommy and daddy were just smiling away so as to only record baby laughter. Don't think you would consider our laughs to be near as cute! Hope I added it right so you can play it. Also hope it will be loud enough and clear enough for you to hear. Have a listen and enjoy! Hope it will bring a smile to your face like it did ours!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hand Towels Galore

Mom and I just made a huge purchase of hand towels over the weekend! Over 100 hand towels! 111 to be exact but who's counting! We got a really good deal on them from a wonderful person who was very nice to deal with! Many new designs we have never done before with just a couple that are the same as ones we have already. Can't wait to get them and get started on them! Hoping to get a few made before our next craft show. So be on the look out in my Etsy shop for new hand towel designs coming soon!

My Saturday

Well, my friends, here is your blog you missed for Saturday. I know! I know! I have got to stop making you wait! My Saturday was a very busy one. We went to the post office to mail some packages and then went to pick up a bag of baby clothes for my son from someone about 40 minutes away. Got home and just a bit after that my mom came with McDonald's for a late lunch. When we were finished eating mom and I started getting our items ready for a craft show we are doing in a few more weeks. We made the last table covering we didn't get finished the other day then set up our tables with our items on them. We have it figured out as to how we are going to display everything at the show. Once we were done doing that we ran some errands to a few different stores to get some things we needed. Came back to the house and did a little more preparation then sat down to stuff our faces with a bowl of ice cream. Mmmm! You scream! I scream! We all scream ice cream! It was the Hyvee ice cream called Star Tracks. Vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate caramel covered pieces in it. Oh so yummy! I think it was after 8:30pm before my mom even headed home. After that we still had to give the kids their baths. Just a busy busy Saturday around our house. So now you know why I didn't get a blog written for your reading eyes!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Today my blog is more of a vent to help me feel better. It deals with something that has been bugging me for a few weeks now. I haven't quite decided how I am going to deal with it yet. I've always been one to have the belief that friendship works two ways. It may seem childish to some but I will not continually be the only one who holds a friendship together. For me it is, I call you and you call me too. Or I invite you to do something then you invite me to do something. It could be I call you two times in a row then you call me then I call you again. It doesn't necessarily have to be back and forth but you get my point. Both parties should be putting the effort into the friendship. A true friendship can withstand anything whether it be a disagreement over who you date or what other friends you have to one's opinion on your new outfit or if you should really spend your money on that. True friends can have little or big tiffs over anything big or small and still manage to stay friends. A true friend would tell you what was bothering them and not just shut you out. It just truly amazes me how lightly some people take friendship especially friendships they have had for many years! Good friends are very hard to come by nowadays! When you find one you should do all that you can to keep them! I guess some people just think they don't need too many friends? Okay, I feel a bit better now. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do You Hear That? you hear that? No? Listen again! Still nothing? Good! You aren't suppose to hear anything! My house is quiet right now. Both my kids are finally sleeping! Yay! It was kind of a long day today. The baby has been fussing on and off most of the day. I think he is working on getting in another tooth. Oh the joys of teething! My daughter was a bit on the jealous side today I think so she was a bit hyper. My grandparents and my mom were here. We were working on making some table coverings for our tables when we do craft shows. Mom, grandpa, and I worked on our project while my grandma took care of the baby. My daughter was wanting my grandma to play with just her I think. Grandma did play some but it was hard since my son is mobile now. He is always into something he isn't suppose to have it seems. He's definitely a hand full! We did get two of the three table coverings made today. Mom and I will finish the third one on Saturday when she comes over. Well, think I will head to bed now too since the kids are already there. Nighty night!

The First Of Two

So last night about 11:30pm I realized I still hadn't written my blog for yesterday. Ooops! I was just too tired and about to go to bed so I decided to just play catch up this morning. So, today my dear readers you will get to read twice the blogs! I know. I know. You are so overjoyed aren't you? My writings are just SO exciting that it is just making your day to know there will be two today right? Wipe away the tears from missing one yesterday! what to write about for you first today? How about I tell you about part of my day yesterday? Yes? That sound good to you? Well, keep reading then! Yesterday morning both my kids decided to be awake about 8am which is early for both of them. Sometimes the baby will be up that early but he will usually go back to sleep. Yesterday I purposely kept him awake so he would fall back asleep for a nap on the way to the dentist office. We had to be there at 10:15am. My daughter and I both had appointments to get our teeth cleaned. My plan was for him to fall asleep on the drive to the dentist office and sleep through at least my appointment. Last time I went he fussed so much my grandpa brought my grandma up to watch him. They only live about 5 minutes from our dentist. Actually it is their dentist office too and my aunt's too. Crazy how we all go there! Anyway, we left to go to the dentist and I told my daughter we were going to just listen to music on the way and be quiet so her brother could fall asleep. I explained to her that it would be easier for me to get my teeth cleaned if he were sleeping. First thing she wanted to do when I started my truck and turned on the radio was to tell me a story about something that I have no idea what made her think of it in the first place. Where do they come up with these things? So I reexplained to her we were just going to listen to music. Well, we had no longer started driving when I hear a baby rattle. I looked back and my daughter had given my son a noisy baby rattle that was laying in the back seat. Ummm......yep, you guessed it! He was shaking, shaking, and shaking that rattle! No way was he going to sleep while he had that! She tried to take it away but I told her to just leave him alone or he would cry. Let me remind you that this is my baby that does what he can to stay awake when it is naptime no matter how tired he is! At this point I figured he was not going to nap so I was thinking I a.) was just not going to get my teeth cleaned and would just reschedule my appointment or b.) was going to call my grandparents to see if I could drop him off at their house on the way. Then next thing I heard was him drop the rattle on the seat. I told my daughter NOT to give it back to him. Within a minute or so he was yawning and then asleep. Yay! My plan was working! Or was it? Got to the dentist office. He was still sleeping but I'll be darned if the little booger didn't wake up right after we walked in! I tried rocking his carrier and thought he was going to doze back off but there was too much talking and noises. I ended up taking him out and holding him until they called our names. I had the dental hygeniest clean my teeth first and just told her to do what she could until he got fussy. He ended up sitting in his carrier and doing fine. He had a few toys and his sister to entertain him so it all worked out even though he wasn't sleeping like I had hoped. I'm sure his little power nap helped though. Next time however, he will be walking so I am making prior arrangements for either daddy or my grandparents to keep him while we go. I seriously doubt he will behave as well next time!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Braces Are In Her Future

My husband and both his sisters had braces when they were younger. Once my daughter's baby teeth started coming in and getting bigger we knew braces were probably in her future as she has her daddy's overbite. Major overbite! Well, now that she is starting to lose her baby teeth and get her permanent teeth we are pretty certain she will be getting braces at some point. Her first baby tooth became loose and took weeks to finally come out. In the meantime, the permanent tooth taking its place came in at an angle. Once the baby tooth was finally out of the way, the permanent tooth did straighten out some. Thankfully! Well, now she has a second loose tooth. Right next to the first one she lost. The permanent tooth is growing in straight this time and not at an angle. Only problem is this time it is growing behind where the baby tooth is. The baby tooth is not yet loose enough to pull out either. It wiggles some but not much. Of course, I have one of those children who doesn't sit there and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle it to come out. About the only time she even messes with it is when we tell her to wiggle it. I thought I had heard somewhere that most kids will bother them as soon as they are aware they are loose. Ummmm.....not my daughter. Oh well, guess it will come out when it is ready like the other one did!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby's Milestone

My little baby boy is growing up way too fast! He had a major milestone today. He was laying on his back in his crib and sat up all by himself. It is just SO crazy how fast they truly grow! Before I know it he will be starting school like his older sister will be doing this fall. I remember when I was pregnant with our daughter. I was told to enjoy the baby part of it because they grow fast. Boy is that true! I am a HUGE picture fanatic though so once our kids are grown my husband and I will be able to sit back and look at MANY pictures to remind us of how tiny and precious they started out! Some may think I am crazy because of all the pictures I take but I don't care! We will definitely have wonderful memories caught in print!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So True

I didn't really know what I wanted to write about today so I decided to post something I received in an e-mail last week. It was titled "So True".

To realize
The value of a sister/brother
Ask someone
Who doesn't have one.

To realize
The value of ten years
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years
Ask a graduate.

To realize
The value of one year
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.

To realize
The value of nine months
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize
The value of one month
Ask a mother
Who has given birth to
A premature baby.

To realize
The value of one week
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize
The value of one minute
Ask a person
Who has missed the train, bus, or plane.

To realize
The value of one-second
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one.

Treasure EVERY moment you have!

You will treasure it even more when
You can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member

The origin of this letter is unknown
But it brings good luck to everyone who passes it on.


Hold on tight to the ones you love!

Do not keep this letter.

Send it to friends & family to whom you wish good luck.

Peace, love and prosperity to all!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Love Yous

My husband and I have been together for about 15 years, married 12 of those years. I think it was love at first sight for us. One of my cousins actually once referred to our relationship as a fairy tale. We have said I love you to each other since early on in our relationship. At some point, and maybe we have always done so, we started trying to make sure we always say I love you to each other before one of us leaves to go anywhere whether it be the grocery store, work, or just up to the gas station. We also always try to make sure we say I love you before going to sleep at night. I used to work with a girl who had an argument with her fiance right before he left and he never came back. He was murdered and one of the things I remember her talking about was that the last thing they did was argue. I felt so bad for her. That must have been awful! You never know what will happen so I always want my husband to know I love him so that is why we try to be sure it is one of the last things we say before we are apart whether it be for 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days. I tell my kids I love them all the time too! Same as with my husband. I tell them when I am heading out the door to run an errand alone and I tell them when I tuck them in at night. I think it means a lot to them. My daughter will tell me "I love you mommy" numerous times during the day for no reason other than that she loves me. Sometimes when we are out and about she will say it and people will wonder what she wants. I just tell them, nothing. She wants nothing. I feel so loved to know that my child will just say I love you because she loves me. Plain and simple! I hope that when my son is old enough to talk he will do the same. I have a feeling he will since I tell him I love you all the time like I did with my daughter. Those are just some of the sweetest words you can hear come from your child. "I love you mommy." Just makes being a parent so amazing! Now go tell someone you love them!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Update

My friend called today with another update on her mom. It was pretty good news and you could tell by her voice that she was feeling better about the whole situation. It is obviously still very tough for her though. Her news today was that the MRI results of her mom's brain showed that the tumor was not as bad as they had once thought and is not in as critical a spot of her brain like they thought either so they will be able to do surgery to remove it. She is having the surgery on Monday. They still plan on doing radiation on her brain so that if they do miss part of the cancer the radiation will hopefully get any that they miss. They are also still planning on doing chemo on her lung. They can't do anything about the cancer in her blood so she will just have to have scans on a regular basis to keep an eye out for if it starts to grow somewhere else. If it does, hopefully they will catch it soon enough to treat it. Let's hope it doesn't come up anywhere else though! Continued prayers are appreciated! I told her today that a lot of my Etsy friends were praying for them! Thank you all!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update On My Friend's Mom

I called my friend today to see how she was doing, find out what they were going to do for her mom, and to see if she needed anything. She said the doctors told them this morning that it is definitely cancer that spread from her lung to her brain and is also now in her blood. It is stage 4 and incurable. They have managed to get the swelling on her brain to go down which has helped get back her mobility that she had lost. She was having a hard time walking and putting on a shirt. Things like that. The course of treatment they are planning on doing is radiation to hopefully put the cancer in remission and also some chemo on her lung. They hope that will put it in remission. They have no plans to do surgery to remove it since it is stage 4 and in her bloodstream. After hopefully getting it in remission she will just have to go to many doctor appointments to make sure it stays in remission and also have scans to make sure it doesn't come up somewhere new. Since it is in her blood there is a chance she could develop it somewhere else. My friend said that right now it is pretty much just a waiting game. First waiting to see if they can get it in remission. If so, then it is wait to see if it stays in remission and wait to see if it develops anywhere else. She did seem to be coping better today but I'm sure it is still very hard for her. Her mom has always said that if she ever got cancer she wouldn't treat it but she also doesn't like feeling the way she feels right now. For the time being she is going to do what the doctors are planning. My friend just hopes that once she is feeling better she will stick to the treatments but knows it is her decision to stop them if she wants to. Yet another thing she just has to wait and see what happens. Thank you to everyone who has said prayers! They are all very much appreciated!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Being A Friend

I had hoped that every time I blogged it could always be something fun, interesting, or cute and would make people want to come back to see what I wrote next. When sitting here trying to think of what to blog about for today I just couldn't bring myself to write about anything fun or cute. All that is on my mind right now is one of my best friends and her family. Her mom has been sick now for about 5 weeks. The doctors initially thought it was pneumonia and a sinus infection so that is what they were treating her for. When one medicine didn't work they tried something else. They did this a few times. They also did chest x-rays and a chest CT scan. Last week my friend called me and was just so frustrated with the doctors her mom was seeing. She didn't know what else to do. Her mom wasn't getting better. She was getting worse. I told her she should take her mom to the ER and that would be like getting a second opinion. Well, she took her to the ER, they kept her mom overnight, ran some tests and basically sent her home the next day saying pretty much the same thing the other doctor was telling them. Yesterday my friend called me to tell me that her mom's doctor had called her with the results of the chest CT scan. The doctor said that the spot on her mom's lung (which they already knew was there) had taken over her lung, part of a lymph node, and I think was around her heart. My friend was confused now because if this was the case then why did the hospital release her when they had supposedly received the results of the chest CT scan while her mom was in the hospital the end of last week from the ER visit. One of the tests they ran when she was in the hospital was a tube down her throat so today they had to go see that doctor. After going over all the symptoms and problems she had been having, the doctor today ordered a CT scan of her brain. As soon as the results were in from that today they sent them to have her admitted. They found out she has cancer in her lung and a tumor on her brain as well that had swelling around it. When I talked to my friend last they were waiting to get her mom a room and then they were going to start some medicine to get the swelling down and I think she said they may start radiation therapy. My friend was crying and so upset when she called. Even though she and her mom have their arguments deep down I think they are really close. Even after she got married and has a family of her own she still lives with her mom because she just didn't want to leave her alone. She's so upset and I just feel so helpless. I just don't know what to do for her. I listened and talked to her for as long as she needed me to tonight when she called. I told her I was here if she needed me and to not be afraid to ask. I'd do what I could. I told her if she needed me to keep her kids I would for as long as needed. I know this is so hard for her. I have made it clear to her that I am here but I still feel like I need to do more. Any prayers for them would be greatly appreciated! I've said some already too!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He Can't Keep Up!

My 5 year old daughter was just crawling around on the floor on her hands and knees like a baby. She was "teaching" my 8 month old little boy how to crawl. At least that is what she says she was doing. Poor little guy just couldn't keep up though! He isn't fully crawling yet. He gets most of his mobility from pulling himself with his arms. He sure does try and get those little legs going though. It's just a matter of time before he is up on his knees zooming past! When he does, we better watch out! I'm sure he'll be into EVERYTHING!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Where We Ate

Today my kids and I spent most of the day with my mom. She took out us to lunch and then we ran a few errands. We went to a restaurant called Tommy's to eat. The food there was so good! We were all stuffed when we left AND had leftovers to eat for supper. Mom had a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with french fries. My daughter had a cheese pizza. I had an appetizer as my meal that came with chicken taquitos, chicken quesadillas, and chips with salsa and cheese dip. Mom also felt like having onion rings so she ordered an appetizer of onion rings too. They were huge! I bet the onion must have at least been the size of a grapefruit or larger to begin with. These onion rings were about an inch or so wide! Crazy huge! They tasted great dipped in Ranch dressing! Overall a great lunch and wonderful place to eat! I'd go back again!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What I Wore Today

Today was a pretty lazy day for me. I did a lot of listing in my shop and that is about it. I'm glad no one decided to just pop in for a visit without calling. You should see what I would have had on. A pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt. Now let me tell you about them and show you how lovely they look! You'll want some for yourself!

We'll start with the pajama pants which have a matching shirt that I don't wear very often. They used to belong to my grandpa. Now I don't remember exactly when I got them or why but I've had them since before my husband and I met. That would mean I have had them for over 15 years! I was either in middle school or high school when grandma gave the pajama set to me because they were too small for grandpa. I can't remember if I was just staying the night at their house or if it was when we were living with them for a short time until we moved to our new apartment. I am not old enough to have such a horrible memory! Anyway, they are a tan plaid color and getting thin! Call me crazy sentimental but I just can't part with them. I guess because my grandparents gave them to me. I don't like to get rid of anything they give me. Here's the color of the pajama pants:
Now to tell you about my t-shirt! It's an orangy rusty color and has Beer Pong on it. I only have this t-shirt because I found it at a Thrift Store. I only bought it because I have a younger brother who likes to play this game. I've actually only played it once with this same little brother of course. For those of you who don't know what Beer Pong is, it is a drinking game. You set up cups partially full of beer (or other alcoholic beverage of choice) in a triangle at each end of a long table. You divide into two teams of the same amount of players whether it is just one per team or more. Each person on each team then takes turns tossing 2 ping pong balls across and trying to make them in the cups at the opposite end of the table. If they make them in one of the cups then the other team must drink what is in that cup. Yes, people drink the drink that someone whom you have no clue where their hands have been tosses a ping pong ball in it! And yes, if they miss the ball does bounce all over the place! Very gross and unsanitary! I guess they think the alcohol will kill the germs! I've heard some people actually fill the cups with water for the throwing of the ping pong balls and have the cups with the drinks they have to drink set over to the side. If I were to play again this is how I would do it. The one time I played I didn't drink any of the drinks. I just threw the ball which made it on the first try I might add, (go me!) and let everyone else do the drinking. So anyway, that's the story behind my t-shirt. Here's what it looks like:Now don't you all just want an outfit just like mine? I know you are so jealous that you can't find one aren't you? Who's gonna run out and play Beer Pong? Anyone?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Kids Say Sometimes

Kids sure can say some really cute things at times! Yesterday my daughter was talking to my husband and she said something like, "Maybe tomorrow we can hit the road and go to Quicktrip." She was wanting to go there to get her and daddy a slushie and mommy a cherry pepsi. Then today we were driving over to the park for my cousin's graduation party and she said something like,"I'll have to run through all the people to find the curly white hair." She was referring to finding my grandma when we got there. If only cute sayings were all they ever said!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Laughter

Baby laughter is just one of the sweetest sounds! Right now I am listening to my 8 month old little boy laugh and laugh and laugh! Want to know what he is laughing about? He is in his walker. My 5 year old daughter is dropping one of his toys on the ground and saying "Oops." He then laughs! It is just so unbelievably adorable!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

For The Dogs.....

Today my daughter decided to put on a dance show for a bunch of her stuffed dogs. She and her Barbie doll whom she has named Alexia were dancing to a Dolly Parton cd. Believe it or not each of the dogs in the above picture have a name as well. From left to right their names are Jewell, Brownie, Merry Christmas (because it is a Christmas dog), Penny, Rose, Freckles, Love (because it is a Valentine's dog), and last but not least up on the top of the cushion is Cheery. According to my daughter all the dogs enjoyed the show. I've heard of dancing with the stars but not dancing with Barbie. I have to admit it was a great show! Really cute! I'd see it again!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Custom Order Day!

Today was a day for custom orders! I sold a large custom order of 30 dish scrubbies today in my shop. Hooray for sales! I also made the arrangements for two rainbow soap custom orders. I'm planning on pairing up the rainbow soap I'm getting with our rainbow face scrubbies I have listed. If they sell well then I plan to purchase other colors of soap to go along with other face scrubbies and maybe even wash cloths in my shop. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy Buttons!

Today my mom was here at the house with my kids and I. We were pretty much sewing buttons on hand towels all day today. About the only time we took a break was to have a quick bite to eat for lunch, go to get my baby's pictures taken, and when we had supper which was so good by the way! I made homemade shrimp alfredo. Yummy! Most of the rest of the day and evening were spent with needle and thread in hand. I think total we put just shy of 200 buttons on hand towels we had. Most of them are Christmas ones or duplicates of ones already listed in my Etsy shop. I think there may have been a few new ones that I can list but I can't remember for sure. There were just too many! Anyone need any new hand towels? Lol!

Monday, June 8, 2009 sweet!

Saturday morning we went out of town to see my husband's family. We wanted to give his dad an early Father's Day gift and early birthday gift since we won't be able to make another trip this month due to many other things going on. Saturday night my husband went to the store with his dad and came back with these gorgeous blue and white carnations for me! Just so you know, blue is my most favorite color! He said he saw them and just had to get them. My daughter patted me on the back and said something like, "Awww.....that was so sweet of daddy. He's so sweet!" On Sunday when we packed up everything to come back we all forgot to bring my beautiful flowers with us. Tonight when my hubby came home he brought me three gigantic roses. They are so pretty! Aren't they? Isn't he just so sweet? I think so!

For yesterday.....

I was hoping to be able to post a new blog daily whether it just be a short little read or maybe sometimes a lengthier one but alas I have already missed a day! To make up for it I'm going to post two blogs today. This one will be in place of the missing one for yesterday. I did not get the chance to blog yesterday as we were out of town and traveling back last night. When we got back there were lots of thunderstorms moving through with some being severe so we turned off the computers and watched the weather on tv. Thank goodness we did not get any of the really bad weather! I'll be posting a blog for today later on when I can hopefully think of something more creative and interesting to write about!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coming Soon.....

Yesterday my kids and I spent most of the day with my mom. We went out to lunch and shopping. Yay! Shopping! Who doesn't LOVE to shop? Well, I guess most men but oh well. Their loss right? Anyway, while out and about mom and I found some great 4th of July hand towels. We'll be getting those made up as soon as we can so they can soon be decorating the cabinets of many for the upcoming holiday next month. Keep checking my shop to see when they've been added!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Inner Alarm Clock

My son is a night owl like his daddy. He doesn't go to bed at night until around the 11 o'clock hour. For nearly the past week he has been getting up in the 5 o'clock hour. It must be his inner alarm clock going off! I must have one too because this morning I woke up at 5:10am but baby was still snoozing away. I got up to use the bathroom very quietly hoping to not wake him. I crawled back in bed and I don't think I had barely got back to sleep when I heard crying. Yep, you guessed it! He was up. It was about 5:50am so he was still in his 5 o'clock hour time frame! Got him fed and back to bed. Seems to be our routine as of late. I've heard that when babies sleeping patterns change it could mean a milestone in their lives is coming up. Maybe he will get another tooth soon or sit on his own. He's pretty close to both I think. My how fast they grow!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh To Nap!

When my daughter was a baby she would fight a nap like you would not believe! My son is the exact same way! He will toss his head from one side to the other, make noises, or do whatever just to stay awake! If only they knew at this young age how great naps really are! If only they knew that when they get older naps come few and far between! Some days I am so ready to take a nap but just don't have the time. Other days I actually do have the time but think to myself, "If I nap I won't get this, this, or this done." So of course I don't nap. On occasion I have been known to lay down to catch a few z's during the day or evening but not very often. Speaking of naps, one doesn't sound that bad right now but I think I'm going to crochet instead!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gilmore Girls

So I have all 7 seasons of the tv show Gilmore Girls on dvd and started watching them from beginning to end awhile back. I am currently on the last season. My daughter who is 5 has been watching them a lot of the time with me. It's so funny because she will even want to watch it instead of cartoons. Even funnier part of it is that my little 8 month old baby boy apparently LOVES the theme song to the show. Whenever it begins to play he will stop what he is doing whether he is fussing or playing and just watch the tv until it is over. Then he goes back to what he was doing. He'll even walk in his walker from one side of the room all the way over to the tv to watch it more closely. Too cute!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here I go.....

I have finally decided to jump into the world of blogging! Go me! Who knows how often I will actually blog about anything important but I guess you will just have to stay tuned to find out! Heck, who knows how often I will actually even blog! I am still trying to figure this all out so ya'll are just going to have to be patient with me! I'll catch on eventually! Alrighty, that's it for now!