Sunday, April 15, 2012

All I Can Say Is WOW!

Be fair warned that this blog post is basically me ranting about what I think of Blake Shelton. So if you are a fan of his, you may not like what I'm gonna write. Just remember, everyone has their own opinion and I don't expect ANYONE to agree with me unless they WANT to. Some of you will possibly find this post judgmental, some of you will agree with it, and some of you could probably care less. Just remember it is just MY opinion.

So as I previously posted here on my blog, my family enjoys watching the television show called The Voice when we get the chance. The judges on this show are Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton. I have to say that I think Blake Shelton WAS my favorite judge on this show. Notice I typed the word WAS.

After reading on twitter this morning what he wrote, I don't think quite the same of Blake Shelton anymore. I realize I am just one lil' person and I'm SURE he won't care, but hey, this is my blog, and I'm gonna write my opinion of him here for anyone who wants to read it!

Apparently Blake Shelton is from the state of Oklahoma and yesterday the Midwest including Oklahoma had A LOT of severe weather which included A LOT of tornadoes. We were very thankful that it missed us but many people were not so fortunate.

Alright, so here is why this post is titled "All I Can Say Is WOW", and that is not a good WOW either.

Blake Shelton tweeted something that he apparently thought funny. I didn't find it too funny but wouldn't have thought much of it if there hadn't been further tweets regarding it.

He had posted: I'm so drunk right now I just walked in to Starbucks and shouted "I ordered a skinny Latino hottè!!! Not a grandè vanilla naughteè..."

Another person on Twitter apparently didn't find Blake's tweet too funny either as they replied back to it by writing: well that's so funny. Not really. Your home state has had fatal tornados. So drink on.

To which Blake replied: And yet.. Here you are tweeting me. Hmm..?

Now if that had been the end of it I would not really think differently of Blake Shelton. I would probably still think he seemed like a pretty cool guy. I'd probably still think he was a lot of fun to watch on The Voice and I'd probably still think he was a pretty cool celebrity figure.

But.......obviously as you have probably already guessed, that was not the end of it. Blake Shelton, in my opinion, decided to show his UGLY side. Not only did he reply back with what I posted above, but he also decided to get in his other two cents by replying back: also when it's time for someone to raise money to help...? Between the two of us guess who that'll be...

Now, I don't think the comment made to Blake to begin with should have been made either. I mean, come on. Just because he is from a state that is having severe weather doesn't mean he has to stop living his life because of that. Seriously, what was he suppose to do? Like he can control the weather! Awww.....but he can control what he tweets on Twitter which is where he showed that UGLY side of his.

Maybe it's just me but I thought that second reply was totally uncalled for! In my post on Meeting Celebrities I posted that my guess is some of the celebrity people are super, down to Earth, and really nice while others probably really show the fact that they are famous, have money, and think they are better than everyone else.

I use to think Blake Shelton fell in the category of really nice but now I think he falls in the category of thinking he is better than everyone else. Thumbs down to his attitude! Hopefully his wife doesn't share the same attitude!

Yes, a lot of people know who Blake Shelton is and that he has money. Yes, he's famous! Yes, he's talented but there is no need for him to make comments like that. It just makes him look like a jerk but hey, he obviously doesn't care. Maybe that's what he wants?

I think Blake's comment about raising money was a bit insensitive. It was like he was implying that just because he's famous he'd HAVE to be the one to raise money for those affected by the storms. I'm sure that there are a lot of people out there who, if they could, would help to raise money for those who were affected by the storms yesterday. I know I would but unfortunately my family, like many families, are not as well off in the financial department as a celebrity.

And yes, there is no one to blame for that but ourselves for not having the courage, self-confidence, and personality that it takes to be in the spotlight. I personally don't want to be famous. I think it takes a certain type of person to be famous and I'm not that type of person. I will freely admit that. I just don't have that outgoing spirit that I think it takes to be a celebrity. Kudos to those that do though BUT that still doesn't make them BETTER than everyone else.

When I commented to my hubby about how Blake Shelton seemed like an alright guy when we watched him on The Voice, my hubby told me that he thinks Blake Shelton seemed pretty arrogant. I have to agree now for sure!

Now even though I find Blake Shelton to be one of the "I'm famous and better than you celebrities", I do still think he is a great singer and won't deny that. I will probably still listen to his music and probably still watch The Voice, but I will also always remember what he tweeted and never fully be a fan of his now.

NOTE: The other celebrity judges on the show The Voice may very well be the same type of celebrity as Blake Shelton but as of now I don't think they are. I have not "read" their UGLY sides yet. Hopefully I never will! I don't want to be as disappointed in any of them as I was when I read Blake's tweet.

Yes, hubby and I are only two lil' people so what we think of Blake Shelton really doesn't matter but Blake Shelton should really remember that HE isn't the ONLY one who made him what he is today. It took fans like lil' ol me to help get him his fame and fortune so maybe he SHOULD care at least a little bit about what people think of him. It's his fans who buy his music! Ok, rant over! LOL!

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