Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Will Make You Laugh

So I am very afraid of spiders. VERY afraid! Especially larger ones and even some of the smaller ones. Mostly the furry mean looking ones! Can you say EEEEEEEK!

My hubby asked me one time, "What's the spider going to do to you?" My answer was that it could bite me. I just don't like spiders!

If there is a spider to be killed, I will not kill it unless I am the ONLY person around to do so. If hubby is home, I will watch the spider like a hawk until hubby gets to it to kill it. If I have company over and a spider makes an appearance, my company would have to kill the spider. So keep this fear of spiders of mine in mind as you read this blog post.

Yesterday I got home from my grandparents house and my son had fallen asleep on the drive home. I carried him in and while he was napping I started to clean up the house because we were having people over last night. As I'm tidying up I notice a spider. Ewwww! Yuck! Grrrr! No one was here but my son and I and no one was going to be here for quite sometime. It was up to me to kill the spider but I didn't wanna.

I just kept looking at it each time I walked past it while cleaning. I thought that I could just leave it for hubby to deal with when he got home if it just stayed put. Yeah, that was probably NOT going to happen. While I was here to watch it, it probably wouldn't move but I just knew that the moment I walked up to the school to get my daughter it was going to go hide somewhere! Then when my hubby got home I would have had to make him look for it which we all know, he might not have ever found it.

Soooooo.......knowing no one else was going to be here for awhile I put on my brave face, which let me tell you wasn't really all THAT brave, and I tried to convince myself to kill the spider. I got some toilet paper in hand and went over to where the spider was. I started to get close enough to kill it but just couldn't. It was a fat one! It looked like a mean one! I was scared!

I tried to get enough nerve but still just couldn't bring myself to get too close. I knew I had to be the one to kill it though so I thought of another idea. Tape! I have a larger tape gun that I use for packaging. I decided to get a piece of that tape. Figured the spider would stick to it and wouldn't be able to get away or crawl on me if it was stuck to the tape.

Soooooo.......tape in hand I headed back to the spider. Got up the nerve and STICK! Stuck the tape on top of the spider. Once the spider was good and stuck under the tape and I knew it wasn't going anywhere, I took a closer look. Now if you haven't already been smiling, giggling, or down right laughing at me yet, you will be here in a few seconds.

After closer inspection of the spider under the tape, I realized the spider I had stuck the tape on was already dead. Yep, DEAD! I killed a dead spider! I got him good and dead! Seriously, how funny is that? LOL! I was totally scared and freaking out for NO reason!

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