Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paper Or Plastic

So when you go shopping and hear the question, "Paper or plastic?" What is your answer? Or do you bring in your own bags?

I sometimes bring my own bags when I remember to grab them when heading out the door. I then have to remember to actually take them into the store when I get there. A lot of times I forget.

So when I forget my own bags and am asked the question, "Paper or plastic?", I almost always choose paper. I have SO many plastic bags around the house that I just don't need, want, or have any use for but brown paper bags on the other hand come in very handy for me.

I have found that brown paper bags are GREAT for making my own shipping bags to mail out orders to my buyers from my Etsy shop. Brown paper bags are pretty thick but light weight so it helps to keep shipping costs down for my buyers.

Soooo.......paper or plastic or do you use your own bags?

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