Saturday, April 28, 2012

Breakfast Made For Me

I was sitting on the couch and my 8 year old daughter offered to make me breakfast. Of course I let her! She asked what I wanted so I told her toast with lots of butter (because I thought she might not put enough on it if I didn't say this) and a big glass of milk. She asked if I wanted white or wheat toast. I told her my choice and off to the kitchen she scurried.

A few minutes later I hear her asking daddy to set up a tv tray for me and then a bit after that she walks in with a plate and a glass of milk with a straw in it. She LOVES to use straws!

She informed me that she didn't use just any glass either. She turned it around so I could see that it was one of our thicker sports glasses with our local NFL football team on it.

My plate held 2 pieces of white toast with lots of butter as I had requested. Boy howdy, did it have LOTS of butter! LOL! I had to send her in for a butter knife so I could scrape off part of it. I like butter but it was still WAY too much for me even. She had already apparently scraped off part of it herself before bringing it to me. I then scraped off enough to probably butter 2 maybe 3 more pieces of toast and yet it still was VERY buttery. Talk about a lot of butter huh?

I got what I asked for though so I can't complain. I ate both pieces of toast and drank ALL my milk. I heard my daughter go over to her daddy and whisper to him, "She likes it."

What a sweet gesture for her to make mommy breakfast. She offered to make daddy breakfast too but he declined. Not sure if he just wasn't hungry or if he feared what he might get. He doesn't like butter so his toast may have been piled high with jelly or peanut butter? We'll never know now.

My daughter not only made me breakfast but she also got her brother's breakfast ready for him for when he woke up. She made him a cup of milk and a bowl of cereal. She's being awfully sweet this morning huh? Hmmm.....wonder what she wants?

J/K! I don't think she wants anything. She is such a sweet child that all these kind acts are just her being her. I love her SO much and am SO proud of her! I love my son SO much too and am SO proud of him as well. Before I know it he will be doing things like this too!

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