Friday, April 27, 2012

Proud Moment

I know that my daughter loves her brother and that he loves his sister but a lot of times it's hard to tell because they don't always get along. We joke that they fight like cats and dogs. There is a pretty good age gap of 5 years so we don't really expect them to play TOO well together.

Well, last night I was SO proud of my daughter and her love for her brother showed with a few of her actions. Here's what she did that I thought was SO sweet!

We went to her school for a back to school night type event. They had quite a few different things going on. One of them was that each student received a raffle ticket to put their name in for a drawing of one of four bicycles they were giving away. My daughter had already told me what she was planning to do with her ticket and sure enough, when it came time to put her ticket in the basket next to which bicycle she was hoping to win, she did exactly what she said she was going to do. She put her ticket in the basket for one of the boy bicycles so that if they drew her name, her brother would have a bicycle because she already has one. My son just has a tricycle still. Talk about an unselfish moment!

She had two of them last night though so let me tell you about the other one. Each student was given 3 free books. When she went to pick out her books she was going to get 2 for herself and her third book choice was going to be for her little brother. Twice in one night she was thinking of him! I was SO proud of her! She ended up not really finding one that she felt he would like so she got all 3 books for herself but she did have the thought of getting him one. Awww......big sister does love her little brother! I knew she did. She just doesn't always show it! I love it when she does though!

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