Saturday, December 29, 2012

Homemade Macaroni And Cheese

Do you like homemade macaroni and cheese? You know the kind you make with elbow macaroni noodles and the REAL Velveeta cheese? Mmm! Mmm! Good!

Well, I do! Tonight I was sitting and enjoying a bowl of it when my daughter came up to me. She asked me if it was the macaroni and cheese from my grandma's house. We had been there for a big family gathering today which included a BIG meal. Gotta love grandma's cooking!

I told my daughter that yes, the macaroni and cheese was from my grandma's house. I love it when grandma sends home the leftovers. My daughter smiled and her eyes lit up when she told me how good she thought it was because it was SO cheesy.

She started to ask me a question which began with, "Can I have some?" As I started to shake my head yes, thinking she was going to ask if she could have some macaroni and cheese, she finished her question with, "of yours?"! Get your own macaroni and cheese, which of course she did. We both enjoyed a nice bowl of it for a late night snack! I followed mine up with a snickerdoodle cookie my aunt made. Hmmmm......and then I wonder why my jeans don't fit like they use to? Lol. Couldn't be all the pasta and sugar could it? Naw! They must just be shrinking in the wash!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sleep Deprived

Last night hubby and I didn't get to bed until after midnight. Since our son had taken an evening nap, he did not want to fall asleep last night. He came into our room a few times after we had tucked him into his own bed. This made it between 1am and 2am before I was able to soundly fall asleep.

Then at just before 5:30am the home phone was ringing. I knew who it was. It was the school district calling to let us know school was cancelled due to the winter weather of rain, sleet, and snow that had moved through our area.

Knowing school was out, I turned off my alarm clock and climbed back into bed, thinking I might be able to sleep in late. Yeah, that didn't happen!

At about the time I would have normally gotten up, I felt someone tapping on me. It was our daughter. She was letting me know she didn't have school and that it had snowed. Of course, both of which I already knew!

I tried to fall back asleep but not long after our daughter had woke me up, the doorbell rang. It was the postman delivering a package we were expecting. Hubby got the door. By this point, I had given up on trying to sleep in so I just got up not long after the postman had been here.

So now I feel a bit sleep deprived after being woke up so many different times and not even getting to sleep in. I think I got up just about a half hour later than on a normal day BUT didn't necessarily sleep an extra half hour.

With all the snow outside and no plans to go anywhere today, maybe later I'll be able to get a nap in. I'm thinking it is going to be a stay in my pj day too. I can picture myself sitting on the couch, comfy in my pj's, sipping on some hot cocoa while watching a tid bit of television. Anyone else think that sounds like a good idea?

Monday, December 17, 2012

New Brown Hat

Today while out shopping for some Christmas presents, I bought my son a brown foam hat that is similar to the hat Woody from the Toy Story movies wears. He is going through another phase of LOVING the Toy Story movies and characters again.

Ever since buying that hat, my son has been wearing it practically every minute he can! I walked past his room tonight and he was in there playing with his new hat on.

He then came out into the living room with his hat on and also a pair of gloves. Add the fact that he was also in his pj's and you have a CUTE little 4 year old boy! Mommy HAD to have a picture!

When I told my son I wanted a picture while running to his room he said, "No. Wait a minute! Wait a minute!" He then came back carrying his pirate Halloween costume. He wanted a picture in it.

I got the picture I wanted plus quite a few more. Daddy got some pictures too because my son kept wanting more and more pictures taken. He then had to look at them on the camera. Too funny!

I'm guessing the little guy will probably want to sleep with his new hat. I've got to say, it's one of the best dollars I've spent. Yep, only paid a dollar for that new brown foam hat at The Dollar Tree! What a deal I got! :-)

Room Needs Cleaning

My son was being very hopeful tonight. He was in his room and out of no where he called out, "Daddy, I want you to clean my room for me."

Yep, you guessed it! Daddy didn't want THAT job! LOL!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Bed

Isn't it funny and cute how kids can be SO proud of some of the things they do? My son is good at doing this.

A few weeks ago, he came into the living room very proudly and announced, "I moved my bed!" When I asked him why, his reply to me was, "Because I need to do it like that."

He then took his sister to see it and from his room I heard him comment to her about his "new" bed.