Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tattling On Daddy

So you've heard of kids tattling on each other, right? Well, have you ever heard of a child tattling on their daddy? If not, you have after you read this blog post!

Both of my kids tattle to me on their daddy. It's so funny! 

One night my son was talking too loud when my daughter was asleep so daddy told him to shhhh. He then came to me crying saying daddy was talking to him and telling him shhhhh. I think he thought I was going to tell daddy to stop?

Tonight my daughter didn't want to eat all the chicken daddy had put on her plate for supper. Since I didn't know how much chicken she started off with, I told her to go ask her daddy if she'd eaten enough.

Next thing I know, she came crying back to me telling me daddy told her she needed to eat at least half of what was still on her plate. Apparently she hadn't eaten hardly any of her chicken. I think she thought I'd tell her to eat a different amount?

One day, both of my kids will realize that tattling to me on daddy doesn't change anything.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wearing Pants

So now that summer heat has arrived, hubby is not liking the weather. He is always hotter than anyone else in our family and I am usually the one that is coldest. Both our kids are in between, warmer than I, but not quite as hot as my hubby.

One night a few weeks ago, the pajamas I was wearing included pajama pants. We had just gone to bed and hubby thought it was warm in the house. While lying in bed, he said to me, "I don't know how you can wear pants?" To which my reply was, "Easy. One leg at a time babe."

It made for a fun, bring a smile to our faces with a lil' giggle to go along with it moment, right before going to sleep for the night. Got to love these lil' moments! Marriages need them!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Potty Training

So everyone always says boys are harder to potty train than girls. I haven't quite decided if I agree with this theory or not. We have one of each and although it is definitely different with each of them, I don't think I can really say one is harder to potty train than the other. Of course, we are just starting the process with our son so maybe my thoughts on this will change?

When we were potty training our daughter, we continued to have her wear diapers and we would just take it off to have her sit on the potty chair. We'd have her sit on her potty chair and we'd read her "potty book" while we waited for her to go. She had a Winnie The Pooh potty chart that I made her and each time to she went while sitting on her potty chair, she got to put a sticker on the chart. Once a row was filled up, she got a new toy. If I remember correctly, each row had 20 squares in it. I think it only took 4 rows and she was potty trained.

With our daughter, we didn't use pull-ups. We thought they were a waste of money so our daughter just wore diapers until the day she told us she needed to potty. Once we knew she knew when it was time to go, we started having her wear "big girl underwear".

Now, our son is a totally different child! Boy howdy is he different!

We've been working with him for a bit now. We would take him to sit on the potty chair numerous times but he would never go while sitting there. We tried to find a "potty book" for him too but couldn't find one we thought would hold his interest and explain the process in a way he would understand.

He too has a potty chart that I made for him. It's Disney Cars themed and he gets stickers to put on it. Since our son is different than our daughter, for him, he gets a sticker each time he sits on the potty chair, whether he goes or not, and then he was told if he actually went, he would get a piece of candy.

So as of last week, he had a lot of stickers on his chart but hadn't gotten to eat any candy yet, not for using the potty chair anyway. Then one night last week, we had our son sit on the potty chair for a longer period of time than before and yay, he went while sitting there! We made the biggest deal out of this too! We clapped! We made noise! You should have seen the look on our son's face! He had the BIGGEST grin!

He was SO excited that he wanted to continue to sit on the potty chair even though he had already gone. He wanted to drink his lemonade so he could make more potty. Lol. That child sat on the potty chair that night for an hour! We finally had to make him get up only to have him want to go back to sit on it again 10 minutes later!

We knew that as soon as he went potty for the FIRST time while sitting on his potty chair, that would spark something and make progress. Boy, were we right! After our son's bath that night, we put some training pants type underwear on him. They were the thicker ones with plastic on the outside. He thought they were cool! Well, of course he had an accident in them and was SO upset when daddy went to put a diaper on him because we didn't have anymore underwear like that with the plastic.

Our son threw a fit! He was SO upset and crying. He didn't want to wear a diaper. He wanted to wear underwear. Thankfully, I remembered we had some pull-ups in the closet that were leftover from when our niece and nephew were younger. I got those out and he was happy again. He had his underwear and he was so proud of them.

The next night though, our son wasn't doing so well with the process again and wanted a diaper back. Since he had been so upset over not wanting a diaper back on that first night, we decided we were not going to go back and forth between diapers and pull-ups. Even though pull-ups seemed like a waste of money when we were potty training our daughter, for our son, they are the route we are taking.

Our son is still doing GREAT with potty training. It is SO funny when he needs to go. Instead of saying, "I need to potty.", he comes to us with a smile on his face and says, "The potty is here." Then we race to the potty chair. Sometimes he asks for his sticker and candy, other times he doesn't even mention it. We are SO proud of how quickly he is making progress. He even tells us he needs to go when we are out and about.

We purchased some "big boy underwear" the other night for our son so that we'd have them when the time came that he was ready for them. Well, last night, he wanted to wear a pair so we put them on him. Oh my gosh! He was SO thrilled and happy to be wearing them! He didn't even want his shorts back on because he didn't want to cover them up! He wanted to be able to see them. Lol. He kept looking at them and rubbing the sides of them. It was SO funny! He was VERY proud to be wearing "big boy underwear".

So now, our son pretty much has one of the numbers down pat, number 1. Now to work on the other one, number 2. That's the number I really want him to do in his potty chair! LOL!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Three Year Old's Tactics

About a month or so ago, my son started the phase of saying daddy said yes or mommy said yes if the other one of us says no. He's too young to ALREADY be trying to use this tactic to get his way, don't ya think? He's only 3!

Sometimes when he does this though, hubby and I are BOTH standing right there so we hear each other say no and KNOW that no one said yes. One of these days our son will realize he actually has to have us in separate rooms for this tactic to possibly work. Lol.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Movie "Titantic"

For a few months, maybe even longer, my daughter has been wanting to see the movie called "Titantic". I think she had read a book about it at school and then when a few friends of mine brought up seeing it in 3D at the movie theater when it came back out, I think that is what really sparked my daughter's interest in watching the movie.

Well, my mom had the original version of the movie on VHS tape. Yes, those things STILL exist. We own a number of them! My mom had told us we could borrow the tape so my daughter could watch it but she kept forgetting to give it to us when we would see her.

Yesterday she finally remembered so we brought it home and after supper, my daughter and I sat down to watch the movie "Titantic". My son kind of stopped to watch a bit of it but it didn't really hold his interest. Hubby didn't watch with us because he said he had sat through it once and wasn't going to again. He and I had seen it years ago.

For the most part, my daughter sat glued to the tv watching it. She turned or covered her eyes though during the romantic parts of it. She doesn't like all the mushy stuff in movies. Lol.

The look on her face during parts of the movie looked as if she was sad but she never cried. She asked a lot of questions though about things that I had to explain to her.

After the movie was over, hubby asked if she liked it. She said not really and when he asked why, her reason was because it was sad and I think she mentioned not liking the romance part of it too.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quote For The Day- 6/23/2012

Always continue the climb. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with a power that is greater than ourselves to do it.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Funny Reply

Tonight my hubby and the kids were watching some episodes of a cartoon together. At one point they stopped watching for a bit so I had my daughter take her shower while waiting on daddy to be ready to watch some more of the episodes.

When she got out of the shower, hubby had left the tv on a different channel and my daughter could hear it from the hallway.

She called out to me, "What are you watching?" I told her daddy had left it on something but my 3 year old son gave her what I thought was a funny reply. His reply was also accurate too.

He replied back to her, "" LOL!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Secret: Always Pack the Leftovers Yourself

When you give your half-finished dinner to your server to have it boxed up, remember, there's no special "leftover boxing-up station." Your dish is left in the kitchen next to dirty dishes and garbage. Your roll could land on the floor and then could be put back on your plate.

Additionally, you have no idea how your food will get into your leftover container; it could be with someone's bare hands that have just wiped down a table.

Solution: Always ask for the to-go container yourself and pack your leftovers at the table.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Loud Dining Music

Secret: If The Music Is Loud, You’re Going To Overeat

The louder the tunes, the more energy you’ll feel – meaning you’ll eat and leave quicker, resulting in a higher profit for the restaurant. The problem is that because you’re eating so quickly, you don’t have time to realize you’re full. Often, this results in over-ordering and overeating.

Solution: Don’t give your full order up front; instead, order each course separately. When you control the experience, you’ll eat slower and eat less.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Food Poisoning Risk

Secret: You’re More at Risk for Food Poisoning After 8 p.m.

Although it can feel sophisticated to dine out later, the closer you get to closing time, the more likely you are to get a compromised meal because the ingredients were prepped hours before, giving bacteria plenty of time to multiply.

Additionally, the kitchen may not be in ideal condition as your meal is prepared. The fryers have accumulated the build-up of an entire night's service, plus the oil isn't fresh anymore. Instead of making your food crispy, the grease just soaks into your food. Plus, the kitchen is in cleanup mode, so your dish could be being prepared next to a station that's getting cleaned, risking contamination from the spray solution.

Solution: If you're going to dine late, try to order something that's grilled, broiled or boiled. You want to get something that's cooked (as opposed to something served raw, like salad) so there’s a greater chance of killing off any dangerous bacteria.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Menus Can Be Dirtier Than Toilet Seats

Menus are rarely properly cleaned, and every person who comes through a restaurant touches them. A recent test by The Dr. Oz Show uncovered 7 out of 7 sample menus from restaurants in the New York City area were covered in bacteria, including fecal bacteria like E.coli and pneumonia-causing streptococcus.

Solution: Grip the menu by the top corners instead of holding it by the bottom. Most people hold the menu by the lower half, so you’ll be minimizing your exposure to bacteria.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Day Off From Crafting

Today, besides checking on my Etsy shop a few times, sending a conversation to a buyer, and making a treasury, I took the day off from crafting. I didn't do ANY crocheting!

My hubby's parents came into town last night so we've been spending some time visiting with them. It's been a nice weekend so far.

I probably won't do too much crafting tomorrow either with it being Father's Day. We have a full day planned for tomorrow but maybe, just maybe I'll spend some time with my yarn and crochet hook tomorrow evening.

If not, I'll just wait to get back to crafting on Monday. :-)

Friday, June 15, 2012

What Are You?

The discussion of when my son will stop wearing diapers and use the potty chair like a big boy has come up quite a few times here in our house in the past few months.

Last night when my hubby was changing my son's diaper to get him ready for bed, this subject came up again.

When I asked my son if he was a baby, he told me no. When I asked my son if he was a big boy, he told me no. When I asked my son what he was then, his reply to me was, "A little one." He then told me that his sister and I were bigger. Lol.

I thought it was a cute answer from him and had to blog about it!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Barking Dog

One of our neighbors across the street from us has a really big dog. I'm not positive on the breed of dog but I think it is a Mastiff? I just know he's HUGE but oh so cute!

On occasion he barks. Sometimes I look to see what he's barking at and other times I don't. Just depends on how the bark sounds and how long he keeps barking.

Earlier this morning I was sitting on the couch, both my kids were still sleeping, and hubby had already left for work, when I hear the neighbor's dog start barking. It was a deep bark that made me think he was barking at SOMEONE not SOMETHING so I went to look out the window.

As soon as I look out, I start to get a tad bit startled because the neighbor's dog is up on his hind legs at the fence barking away at something across the street, my side of the street. I'm still looking out the window trying to figure out what the dog is barking at when the mail woman walks across my driveway to my front step.

Whoa! That scared me a bit! I was SO glad it was just the mail woman though and not some stranger lurking around. That's what I was worried about when I first looked out and saw the dog up at the fence barking.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daddy's Present

Today my kids and I ran a few errands. The first was to the post office to mail a couple of packages and the second was to K-mart to pick up a few things.

This evening after my hubby got home, I found out that my son remembers things even when you would think he might not since he is just 3 years old.

My son was taking his nap when my hubby got home, but as soon as he woke up, one of the first things he told daddy was that we got him a present. Hubby asked me, "You got me a present?" So of course, I couldn't lie and told him yes. Obviously it is for Father's Day this coming weekend.

Before we had left to run our errands I had told my son that we were going to go get daddy a present. He obviously did not forget that bit of information. Thankfully I hadn't told him WHAT we were getting daddy or he probably would have told him.

Funny thing is, I had told my daughter not to even tell daddy we got him anything that way it would ALL be a surprise. Well, now, thanks to my son, daddy knows he's getting SOMETHING, he just doesn't know what.

This all reminds me of a time when I was a kid. My grandma was opening up her present and my cousin said something like, "I hope you like your yellow sweater." Gotta love kids, don't ya? Since my son didn't know what I had bought for my hubby, we didn't have THAT outcome to him knowing his present but now I bet he is wondering what we did get him though. :-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Thing He Likes Oranges

For the past month or so, my mom has been buying us oranges at the Farmer's Market. She had usually been getting us 6 to 8 oranges each weekend.

Hubby, our kids, and myself all really like the oranges. They make for a great, sweet tasting snack so this past weekend I had my mom get us a whole lot more than 6 to 8. I had her pick up 15 oranges for us!

Now, most of the time when we sit to have an orange for a snack, our kids will gobble them up, basically eating at least one orange a piece, if not more.

Tonight hubby had 5 oranges out to peel. I took one whole orange plus a few slices from another then hubby pulled apart the rest of the other 4 onto a plate, called for the kids, and in a few minutes all of us were enjoying our healthy, sweet tasting snack.

Only thing different was that both of the kids were in a hurry to get back to watching their Scooby-Doo episode in the other room so they didn't eat much of the oranges tonight. Of course not! Hubby had peeled plenty!

Hubby ended up eating a lot more oranges than he thought. Good thing he likes oranges!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Monday

Today my kids and I enjoyed a day to kick back, relax, and stay in our pj's. I didn't even put on my shoes except to go out to let the meter reader gal into the yard. Even then, all I did was slip on my flip flops. We all need a day like this every now and then. Today was our day.

We watched a lil' tv, snacked on some cheese sticks, veggies 'n' dip, and even treated ourselves to some cookies.

I worked a little online, did a tiny bit of crocheting, and we even squeezed in a short game of Yahtzee before hubby got home from work. Yes, poor hubby had to get dressed today to go to work. He didn't however have to end up being out of town so that was a plus to his day.

Shortly after hubby getting home, my brother came over and I fixed supper for us all. I made chicken terriyaki and white rice. It was good but not as good as what I normally make. When we purchased the terriyaki sauce recently, I didn't get the right kind. What I got this time was more of a marinade than the regular terriyaki sauce I normally use. Supper was still good and definitely edible, but probably not the type of terriyaki sause I'll use too often, if ever again.

Now we're all just lounging around enjoying our evening. Hope you all had a good start to your week like our Monday was!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Longer Days

So I'm loving the warmer weather now. Some days it is quite hot but you know, I think I'd rather have hot than cold, windy, snowy weather any day. My husband, well, he's quite the opposite. He likes the cooler, colder weather more than the hot. He says you can add layers to keep warm but you can only take so much off to cool down. Lol. This is true, but I still like summer better than winter. :-)

Along with the warmer weather come the longer daylight hours which I'm also enjoying. I like how it stays light out longer in the evenings. What I'm having a hard time getting use to is the sun rising earlier in the mornings.

I'm lying in bed, snoozing away. I roll over and open my eyes. The sun is up. It's daylight out. I look at the clock, and............... it's not even 7am yet! What? I don't like to get up THAT early unless I have prior plans/commitments to be somewhere. I roll back over and sometimes can fall back asleep pretty quick and other times I can't.

I really should get up those times when it is so early. I mean, I'm awake already. Imagine all the stuff I could get accomplished if I started my day THAT early! Naw! I think I'd like to sleep a bit longer! :-)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Mattress

Last night we went and bought a new mattress for our daughter's bed. We gave her the choice out of three different ones.

Two of the three choices we gave her were softer/plusher than the third one. After sitting on all three, she made her choice. She chose the one that she thought was more comfortable. She of course chose the most expensive out of the three choices. No big deal. They were all in our price range. We were perfectly fine with her choice. After all, she is the one who has to sleep on it, not us.

Our daughter for some reason likes to sleep on the couch. When asked why, her reason is, she just likes to. On the drive home last night with the new mattress, when asked if she was going to sleep on the couch, her reply was no. She was going to sleep on her new bed. That was the RIGHT answer. Like we were going to purchase a new mattress to have her just sleep on the couch. Lol.

After we got the mattress home and hubby carried it in, I jokingly told our daughter that I was going to sleep on her new mattress and she would have to sleep on the couch. The sweet child that she can be was perfectly fine with that. She said she could sleep on the new mattress the next night.

Of course, I didn't sleep in her bed, she did. This morning daddy asked her how she slept and she said good. I think she likes the new mattress! Good thing too because it's hers now!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Band-aids For The Ouwies

This past week my son has wanted band-aid after band-aid for his ouwie on his foot. Yeah, not for sure how to spell that word but hopefully you get what I was TRYING to spell. Lol.

His main place to put a band-aid has been on his foot where one of his pairs of shoes has rubbed a blister. He will literally get not one, but two, sometimes three band-aids in one day for the same ouwie.

His blister is on the side of foot so that the band-aid actually sticks to the top and bottom of his foot so when he doesn't have a sock on, the band-aid eventually comes undone. Of course once it comes undone, it doesn't stick well anymore, thus the need for a new band-aid. Of course, if he would wear a sock then the band-aid wouldn't come undone but if he has a sock on he can't SEE his band-aid. He likes to look at it.

Earlier today my son got his thumb caught in the door. It wasn't too serious. Just a little spot of pinched skin. Some time AFTER his thumb getting hurt, he was complaining about an ouwie so I told him to go get a band-aid for it. He proceeded to lift up his foot. He was going to take the band-aid from his foot and put it on his thumb. I thought it was kind of cute and funny so thought I'd blog about it tonight.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Me

This morning I was still lying in bed, kind of awake, kind of asleep, debating on getting up and starting my day. From the kitchen I could hear some noise and I remembered my daughter had wanted me to sleep in this morning. She had asked me last night to do so.

See, today is my wedding anniversary and my daughter wanted to make me breakfast in bed. She really LOVES to do so on special days. When I heard the noise from the kitchen I knew she was in there preparing my breakfast so I stayed put so as not to ruin her "surprise".

A few minutes later she came in carrying a small cookie sheet that held a bowl of yogurt and a champagne glass of orange juice. She was proud of what she made me. Proud of the blue yogurt which is my favorite color and proud of the fancy glass she had poured my orange juice in.

She crawled up in my bed and watched as I finished my breakfast. Such a sweet daughter I have to be so thoughtful huh? Wouldn't trade her for anything!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quote For The Day- 6/6/2012

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.
Ayn Rand

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Talking To The Dogs

My son has had a love for the 101 Dalmatian movies lately. He wants to watch them ALL the time. He refers to them as the "puppy" movies. He has also been carrying around one of my stuffed TY dalmatian dogs and calling it "my Pongo". If you aren't familiar with the movie 101 Dalmatians, the adult male dog in the movie is named Pongo and the adult female dog in the movie is named Perdita.

Tonight we had oranges as a snack which left my son's hand a bit sticky so he went into the bathroom to wash it off. A bit later I hear him still in the bathroom, only he wasn't washing his hand anymore. He was standing near the window barking out it.

He was being very loud and when I asked him to stop, his reply back to me was, "I'm talking to the dogs." Again, for those not familiar with it, in the movie 101 Dalmatians, after the puppies are stolen, there is a part where the adult parent Dalmatian dogs do a twilight bark, which is basically the dogs barking at other dogs, who bark at other dogs, who bark at other ones, and so on until their message is heard by dogs all over.

I guess my son thought he was communicating with the dogs? It was TOO cute! The things kids do sometimes! Just brings a smile to your face and sometimes a laugh or two too! Gotta LOVE kids!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Witnessed A Hit And Run Accident

I'm sitting here right now waiting for my nerves to calm down. Not too long ago, on the way back from the post office, my kids and I witnessed a hit and run accident. So scary!

I'm wishing I had just gone to the post office this evening after hubby was home now, but because I had international packages to mail, I decided to go before hubby got off work. Really wish I had waited!

On our way home, we were stopped and waiting to turn when I noticed in my rear view mirror a vehicle coming up behind us at a fast speed. I couldn't turn yet as there were still on coming cars. Next thing I know, the vehicle that was coming up fast behind me swerved over to the other lane and caused a motorcycle driver to crash. I don't know if the vehicle actually HIT the motorcycle or just cut him off, making him lose control but either way, the motorcycle driver was on the ground, and guess where the vehicle that caused this was? Driving away!

I saw that the motorcycle driver was sitting up on the sidewalk and conscious so I drove to try to get the license plate number of the vehicle that did this. I had my daughter ready to help remember the number once we were close enough for me to see. Unfortunately I got stopped at a red light and lost the vehicle. This whole time my heart is racing and I'm shaking.

I turned around and we went back to the scene of the accident so I could tell the police what I saw. Unfortunately I don't feel like I was of much help but I feel like it was the right thing to do. It all happened so fast that I don't really remember too much. The policeman took my statement and my information in case they find the vehicle that did it. If so, they may call me as a witness.

The information the policeman took from me included my social security number which is making me even more nervous as I don't like to give that out. At the time when he asked for it, I didn't think anything of it, but now I'm wishing I hadn't given my social security number. Although, I don't know? Maybe I had no choice? Maybe it was required? Not that it matters now as I've already given it.

I just can't believe that someone would just drive away! That just FLOORS me!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Needed More Sleep

This morning when I woke up, I looked at the clock. Yep, it was earlier than I wanted to get out of bed so I didn't get up yet. I did however think to myself that I could get SO much done if I were to have gotten up at that time.

Naw, I wanted to just lounge around, relax, and be lazy, so in my bed I stayed. :-)

I didn't necessarily feel like I was still tired and needed to sleep though. Well, apparently I did because the next thing I know, I look at the clock and over 2 hours had past. I had fallen back asleep so apparently my body was still tired and needed more rest.

Even though I had fallen asleep for a bit longer, when I did wake back up, it wasn't EARLY, but I still had A LOT of time to get things accomplished today. 

Overall, today was a good day! How was your day?

Saturday, June 2, 2012


The other day when we went to JoAnn's Craft Store, I purchased some temporary Scooby Doo tattoos for my son that he found when we were browsing the clearance aisle. He thinks they are stickers though, not tattoos.

Tonight he wanted his "stickers" opened. I told him they were tattoos and that they went on his arm. He wanted one for his arm so after he picked out the one he wanted,  I cut it from the sheet, and told him to go to the bathroom.

I think he liked having the water put on his arm when we were putting on the tattoo. He LOVES to play in the water. After we got the tattoo on and dried off, he thought it was so neat. Off he went to show daddy and sister his arm.

Of course once my daughter saw, she asked if she could have a tattoo as well. I told her yes to which my son immediately added, "Go to the bathroom." Too funny! He knew that is where he had to go so he instructed her to the same place. I had her pick out one of her own tattoos from her more "girly" ones rather than having a Scooby Doo one. She ended up choosing a glittery fairy, but of course wanted it in the same place on her arm that my son had his.

My son is still calling his tattoo a "sticker" though. I'm not even going to try to explain the difference. He's just three so it really isn't a big deal whether it's a "sticker" or a tattoo. He is walking around talking about having "stickers" on his arm and I think it's rather cute.

He and daddy were in the kitchen. I heard him tell daddy to "Leave them on daddy. They are mine." I had asked daddy if he wanted a tattoo also but he didn't so I don't think my son has to worry about daddy taking his "stickers" but maybe he was just making sure. LOL!

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Alarm Clock

So this morning I'm lying in bed. Not necessarily sleeping but maybe nodding off for a bit here and there. I was definitely being lazy and relaxing, NOT ready to get out of bed yet when I heard that lil' voice from the other room.

This morning the lil' voice yelled out, "Mommy! Daddy!" I waited. I listened for what I'd hear next. Would there be anything else yelled out? Yes, of course there would be! Next thing I hear from my son's room is him yelling out over and over, "Mommy! Mommy!"

I looked at the clock. It was only about 7:40am which is early for us. We're night owls around our house. Especially on the weekends and even more so during the summer. Hubby said something about my alarm clock going off. Hmmm....funny, because I didn't remember setting an alarm clock.

I got out of bed, not wanting to of course, and went into my son's room. Why couldn't he have been yelling out, "Daddy! Daddy!"? Then daddy would have been the one who had to get up.

Got into my son's room and apparently something had scared him. Not sure what, but he held on tight to me when I picked him up. Poor lil' guy! We went and curled up on the couch. I knew he was still tired and so was I.

We both ended up falling back asleep on the couch. Of course he slept longer than I did but at least I got in a bit more rest. I still feel a bit tired though so it may end up being a bit of a lazy day for me. Only time will tell if I end up with a burst of energy today or not. We'll see!