Saturday, August 4, 2012

Decorating Socks

Take some plain ol' socks, one pair for each member of the family, as seen in the photo above, and a variety of colors of Sharpie markers. Add in some quality family coloring time, and you get decorated socks as seen in the photo below.

Today my daughter had the idea of decorating a pair of socks so we decided to make it a family event. Hubby, my daughter, my son, and myself all took a pair of our socks and commenced to coloring.

Some may think it was a waste of socks but we don't. I think we all enjoyed coloring them, especially my daughter. Of course, it was her idea so you know she enjoyed it!

My son had fun with it at first but then got interested in watching a movie on tv. Hubby, well, he isn't as artsy fartsy as my daughter and I but he was still a good sport and participated.

It's always nice to have some fun, quality family time. We should all do our best to make more time to do things with our families!


  1. I totally agree on the fun quality family time! This sock decorating looks like so much fun. =)
    Your newest follower.