Friday, May 25, 2012

Dog Food Discussion

This afternoon while hubby was at work, my kids and I ran a few errands. Driving along my daughter and I were having a discussion about our dog and her food.

Our dog eats canned and dry dog food. For awhile my daughter and I were the ones who fed our dog her canned food but hubby has been doing it recently. He also feeds the dog her dry dog food as well.

During our conversation, my daughter mentioned that daddy doesn't put our dog's pill in her dry food so I told her he puts it in her canned dog food.

I then explained to her why you can't put the pill in the dry dog food because our dog might not eat it. She would probably lick around it. I told my daughter that we put it in the middle of the canned dog food because that is like a "treat" to the dog so she eats it up really fast and doesn't notice the pill.

Then of course, my daughter wanted to know what the dry dog food was if the canned dog food was a "treat". I told her the dry dog food was our dog's regular food.

Apparently my son decided he wanted to be a part of our dog food discussion because next thing we hear is this lil' 3 and 1/2 year old voice say, "Ewwww.....I don't like that. I'm not a dog!"

It was pretty cute and funny all at the same time! Hope this brought a smile to your face reading it like it did mine when it all happened!