Monday, June 28, 2010

Crunchy Underwear

Tonight my hubby was telling me that someone we know was talking about how their dryer isn't working properly. Guess they have a gas dryer that works but doesn't get hot so it just air dries their clothes. Apparently that makes for "crunchy underwear" so the person he was talking to said they have gone commando a few times because they didn't feel like wearing "crunchy underwear". It was just kind of funny when my hubby was telling me about this so I decided it could be my blog post topic for tonight. Not sure if you'll even find it funny or if reading it is quite as funny as being told it but hopefully it made ya smile at least a little bit!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trash Goes Here

Whenever my hubby or I collect the trash my little boy will sometimes try to help. We go get the small trash cans from the bathroom and our room to dump them into the big trash can in the kitchen. My son will walk in front of us like he is leading us where we need to go. When we reach the kitchen he will stand there and point to the big trash can as if telling us, "Hey, it goes in here." It's just so cute to watch him try to be so helpful at just one and a half years old. If only they stayed this helpful forever!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Isn't it crazy how your taste buds can change as you grow older? When I was a kid my grandpa and I would go out to my grandparent's garden, pick a tomato, and sit down with a salt shaker to eat the tomato. As I got older I thought tomatoes were gross!

I also remember my mom would make egg noodles and stewed tomatoes to eat when I was growing up. I remember pushing the tomatoes to the side and just eating the noodles with salt on them.

Now as an adult I have grown to like tomatoes again. I love them on a BLT sandwich and will also eat them on a Subway sandwich or a fast food burger. When I make egg noodles and stewed tomatoes I'll now eat all of it, not just the noodles. I also LOVE fresh made salsa with tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos. Add some salt, pepper, garlic, and grab a bag of tortilla chips for dipping then ta da, you have a tasty little snack! Mmmm mmmm good! Yummy to the tummy!

I still am not overly fond of them too much in a salad or fresh with salt over them but do eat more tomatoes now than I use to. Makes me wonder how my kids taste buds will change as they grow older? Only time will tell!

Monday, June 21, 2010

When It Was Too Cold

I remember back when it was cold and snowy! These pictures were taken back on March 21, 2010. I took them with all intentions of blogging about the snowstorm that moved through at that time but never got it posted.

I'm pretty sure that when all this snow was falling I was hoping for warmer weather. I can't stand the cold! I freeze in wintertime so I look forward to spring and summer.

Now that it is ninety degrees and smothering hot, I am not loving it quite so much! If it is super duper hot in your region right now, maybe looking at these pictures will help cool ya off!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Covering Up

My son is going through a phase right now where he wants to be covered up with a blanket when he is curling up on my lap on the couch or when I am rocking him for his nap or bedtime.

Now, you're probably thinking, what is wrong with that? Well, nothing really except for the fact that it is pretty warm in our house right now because we don't currently have our air conditioning on yet. Not quite ready for the electric bill that comes with the cold air conditioner air!

Soooo.....when it is eighty some degrees outside and my little guy wants to curl up on the couch on me with a quilt or thick blanket, it can get very warm!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last night we played Monopoly with our six and a half year old daughter. It was her first time ever playing. We just played a timed game since we also have our one and half year old son. He wanted to grab all the pieces.

First we picked our playing pieces and passed out the money. After that I shuffled all the properties and gave each player two of them. Each of us then paid for the properties we were given and the game began. This was how the rules said to do it for a timed game.

We decided to just play for one hour and at the end of that hour who ever was the "richest" was the winner. All through the game we made sure to note who owned which property so that no one missed out on any "rent" payments. My daughter had a blast playing!

Only thing that upset her was that she didn't ever get to buy any houses for her properties like mommy and daddy did because she never was able to land on and purchase all of the same color of properties. We told her next time maybe she would be able to do so.

In the end, daddy ended up being the big winner! I think it helped that he owned Boardwalk AND Park Place. Any of you who know anything about the game of Monopoly know that these are usually the two properties people want to buy right away because they bring in the most money when landed on especially with houses and hotels on them.

We'll probably be playing another game of Monopoly next week. It was a fun family game night!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

16 Baby Teeth

So not long ago my son seemed to be drooling a lot so we thought maybe he might be trying to cut his two year molars early since those are the only teeth he doesn't have yet. Tonight I checked to see if he was and he is not. Guess he was just drooling to be drooling!

Well, that got me thinking. Hmmmm....did i write down when he got all his other teeth? I couldn't remember. When my daughter was born and through the first few years of her life I wrote down nearly EVERYTHING! Now I've heard people talk about how the second child doesn't get nearly as much written down or saved as that first child does so I am doing my utmost best to make sure that both of my children have just as many of their milestones written down as the other does.

Since I couldn't remember if I had written when all my son's teeth had come in I dug out the box I have been keeping notes in. I'll admit, most of what I have written down for him are on little scraps of paper and a lot of little post it notes, but hey, at least I have it written down right? Some day I'll get it all organized and written in the actual baby book. One of these days!

Sooooo.....after digging through all my notes I could only find where I had written down 11 dates and my son has 16 teeth. I was feeling kind of sad and like such a bad mom for not keeping track better when I happen to think, maybe I already wrote some down in the baby book? I got out the baby book and yay, there were some more little post its in there plus one that was actually already written in the book.

Woo- hoo! I'm not a bad mommy after all! I had written down all 16 dates for all 16 teeth! I felt SO much better after that! Now to all those reading this, I by NO means think that woman are bad mommies if they do not write down every single date that every single one of their child's teeth came in on. When I said I'm not a bad mommy after all, that comment was just in reference to me and how I felt when I thought I hadn't written down all the dates for my son knowing I had written them all down for my daughter.

I think I am so insistent on keeping track and saving so much because my mom didn't. I'm just a super sentimental person too so that makes me want to do it that much more! I look forward to being old and gray, sitting around with my hubby, children, and hopefully some grand and great-grand children looking through all the things I've been writing down. That's obviously years and years down the road so in the meantime I'll just keep on keepin' track!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Family's Age

We were driving back home from having supper out last night and my daughter was talking about the ages of those in our family. Her run down of our ages went something like this:

daddy is the oldest
mommy is almost as old as daddy
she is kind of young
and her brother is the youngest

Sometimes it is so cute to listen to the little people talk!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun Dip

So my daughter came in and asked me a little bit ago if she could get each of us a piece of candy. I told her yes. She comes back in with a fun dip for each of us. You know the little white candy sticks that you dip in the flavored powder sugar stuff?

I told her I didn't think I wanted one of those. Her response to me was something like, "Trust me. It's really good."

I thought it was funny. I know it's good. I've had them before. I just didn't really want one right this moment.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Big Black Spider

So I was over on the Shopper's Paradise thread here, which is a great thread to be a part of by the way, and I had just literally hit the post button posting this:

Hubby went to the grocery store and took my son with him. My daughter is in the other room playing. Oh, it is so nice and quiet right now. Do you hear that? Neither do I!

When all of a sudden my daughter comes running in yelling that there is a big black spider in the bathroom next to the trash can. I get to the bathroom door and see this black spot on the floor by the trash can. I am thinking that is one big spider. Wondering how I'm going to kill it. I'm scared of spiders!

As I get closer I realized it is NOT a spider! Earlier I had cut my hubby's hair. When he threw away the hair I cut off, a little of it missed the trash can and had fallen on the floor right beside it. It was so funny! She was so scared of hair that she ran out of the room and for a brief second I was a bit scared too until I realized what it was! Oh the joys of parenthood!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Becoming A First Grader

On the way to walk my daughter to her classroom for her last day of Kindergarten this morning, one of the little girls from the class across the hall was talking to us.

She said that when she told her dad she was going to be a first grader after today he said, "I'm going to have to pull my hair out. Oh wait! I don't have any hair."

It was so cute and funny to see this little girl tell this story. You could tell she was happy to share it! It made me smile. Hope you reading about it made you smile too!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And The Winner Is.....

AND THE WINNER OF THE MAY SALES DRAWING IS ........wintercrochet! Congratulations! wintercrochet just won a gift certificate to our shop!


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Night Night Kisses

My little guy, who if you don't already know is just one and a half, did the cutest sweetest thing tonight! Hubby had just got done changing my son's diaper. He put him down and my son walked right over towards my daughter's room.

Didn't want him going in there so I said something like, "No, no. Can't go in there. She went night night."

Here is where the cute sweet thing came in. He stopped right at her doorway and instead of going in just started making kissing noises. It was like he was giving her kisses good night. It was SO adorable!