Friday, April 20, 2012

1am "vroom"

Alrighty, since I missed a day of blogging this week, I'm posting two posts today to make up for it. I may not end up with a blog post EACH day this year, but hopefully by the end of the year, I will still have a total of 366 blog posts for the whole year. Only time will tell! I'm guessing that there will be another time when I fall behind again and have to play catch up though, but hey, life happens so what can you do?

Speaking of life happening, what I'm blogging about in this post will probably make your jaw drop so have your hand ready to pick it back up.

Someone who lives near us had what we only hope will be a lesson learned in life and won't repeat their recent actions.

About 1am this morning, I was startled out of bed by a "vroom" noise. I had pretty much JUST fallen asleep when I heard the loud "vroom" noise. Hubby was having a hard time getting to sleep so he was still awake at the time. He jumped out of bed and ran to the window. I jumped out of bed and asked, "What was that?" Hubby's reply to me was that a car had just driven through our front yard and had pulled into the driveway across the street! He had gotten to the window in time to see the car in the middle of our front yard.

I went to look out the front door window and sure enough the car that hubby had seen drive through our yard was parked in the driveway across the street on the corner. Our neighbor was the one who had driven through our yard! We watched them put the car in the garage, close the garage door, and turn off the lights. No one came back out. We saw other neighbors outside looking around and then they all went back in. We looked out of our windows at our yard and didn't see anything so we eventually went back to bed, although it did take awhile to fall back asleep.

It wasn't until this morning when my hubby and daughter were heading off to work and school that we saw the aftermath of the middle of the night event. On the corner of our house smashing in our guttering and scratching the concrete foundation a bit, was our next door neighbor's bbq grill and a plank from their picnic table that had once been sitting in their front yard.

After hubby got back from taking our daughter to school, I went across the street to talk to the neighbor I had seen outside looking around when this all happened. We knew what had happened on OUR side of the street so we wanted to see what had happened on THEIR side.

Turns out that apparently the neighbor who did this was drinking and driving and came barreling down the street perpendicular to ours going at least 70-80 miles per hour, according to other witnesses, skidded on the brakes at the corner but was still going TOO fast to make the corner. He then plowed through our neighbor's yard, hitting his tree, demolishing his picnic table, hitting the corner of his front concrete stoop breaking off a pretty good chunk of it, hit the corner of his garage and house, then plowed through his bbq grill throwing it up into the corner of our house. He finished off his off roading by driving through our yard, across our driveway, and up the hill to his driveway, where he put his car in the garage, and went in for the night. CRAZY! CRAZY!

When my hubby and two of our other neighbors went and knocked on his door this morning he didn't answer. It wasn't until the police knocked on his door that he owned up to what he had done. He says he will pay for all repairs so hopefully he will keep his word. Only time will tell!

Thank the Lord no one was hurt and it is all just material things but it SERIOUSLY could have been SO much worse!

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