Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eight Legged Creatures

Where is your blog reading material for Tuesday you ask? Well, here it is! Better late than not at all right? I know. You would have rather had it yesterday right? Since it's late that just means you get two once again today! Last night in the middle of the night the baby cried out which woke me up. He then went back to sleep without me having to rock him. Yay! But of course I was then awake and needed to use the bathroom. Got in there and happened to look up at the ceiling to see a huge eight legged creature! Yep, a spider! Eeeek! I am so scared of spiders! I have the worst arachnophobia ever! I think it stems back to when I was in grade school. Second grade I think it was. My class was in a room watching a film and I thought my friend was tickling my elbow. It ended up being a spider that bit me. A spider that my teacher decided to catch and put in a jar for show and tell! Soooooo.......since I am scared of spiders especially BIG spiders like the one hanging out on my bathroom ceiling last night you can bet that I wasn't going to kill it. Only time I will kill a spider is if it is pretty small and/or in an easy place that I know I will not miss OR I am the only one around. If there is someone else to kill it for me you can count on me getting them! So this meant that my poor hubby had to get up in the middle of the night to kill a spider. Poor guy! I went back into our room and he was kind of awake from when the baby had cried out. I told him there was a huge spider in on the bathroom ceiling so he got up all sleepy and went in there. He had to wait for his eyes to adjust to the light. I think he had to debate on how to reach it without missing. He ended up using the fly swatter. He got it though. Thank goodness! It is kind of like the baby crying was meant to happen in order for us to be able to find that big spider on the ceiling. I'm a firm FIRM believer in the saying "everything happens for a reason!" Now some of you may think I'm crazy for being scared of spiders like I am but I just can't help it! I think each of us has at least one fear of something and spiders just happens to be one of mine.

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