Saturday, July 25, 2009

Helping Out My Grandparents

For awhile now grandpa's back has been hurting him and his hips as well I think. Their medical insurance made him have a physical a few weeks back since he hadn't had one yet this year. One of the things the doctor had him do was to have a bone density test. The results showed that he has the onset of osteoporosis. I believe they have him on Calcium tablets and Vitamin D tablets. He also had what I think was called a Reclast Infusion just a few days ago. We're hoping it will help. Last week he was having a really hard time getting around. I think it was especially tough in the morning when he got up. Grandma said that some mornings he had a hard time just getting out of bed. He was in so much pain last Saturday that he didn't even want to get out so he skipped our summer party but had grandma get out the walker for him before she came over for a bit with one of my aunts. If you know my grandpa then you would know that he HAD to have been in pain and discomfort to ask for the walker. My grandpa is a very stubborn man who likes to do things for himself. He hates to have help and will hardly ever ask for it unless he has to. His mother was a very stubborn woman as well and I think his dad was too. This is probably where I have inherited my stubborness from. So with grandpa not doing well, one of my aunts went to their house a few days ago and picked the green beans in their garden for them and today their yard got mowed. They have two lots. Grandpa usually does all of it on the riding lawn mower except for around the edges which grandma usually does with the push mower. I arranged for my husband, myself, one of my cousins, one of my brothers, and one of my brother's friends to all take care of their yard for them. My brother did the weed eating part and the rest of us pushed mowed the yard. We were done in no time. Grandpa didn't really want us to mow the yard but I insisted he let us do it at least this one time then if he feels better by the time it needs mowed again he can go back to doing it. He finally caved and grandma said he told her something like, "Okay, I'll let them mow it this one time." He insisted on feeding us lunch though afterward which was unneccesary but still very good. Grandma got some lunch meat for sandwiches and some chips. It felt good to help them out and I wish they would just let us younger folks take care of the yard from now on but I know they won't. Oh well, we helped them out today and I think they really did appreciate it.

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