Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Okay folks. I didn't feel like blogging last night because I was a bit worn out. We are planning a BIG summer party this coming Saturday and have a lot of cleaning to do to get ready for it. Last night we got the garage organized a bit better. Got it swept and mopped with bleach water too. It is a lot better out there than it was. I also worked out in the backyard too. I cleaned off part of the patio and washed up a lot of my daughter's outside toys. Yes, they are outside toys and I'm sure will be getting dirty all over again but they still did need a good washing. The garage is good to go for Saturday but the backyard still has a few things left to do. Hubby has some car parts he'll have to move. I didn't have the muscles to do so! I also want to get some new sand for my daughter's sandbox and I need to clean up all the toys that are in the sandbox too. I should have done it last night with all the others but I didn't. Oh well. There are just a few other minor things to pick up and then the backyard will be good to go too. Hubby will probably mow the grass Friday night so it will look nice. I'm so excited for the party! Just such a pain to have to clean everything up first especially because I know I will be cleaning everything again after the party is over. Oh well! It will be worth it!

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