Thursday, July 2, 2009

Automatic Flushing Toilets

Okay, so the purpose of automatic flushing toilets is what? If it is to be more sanitary then I just don't see it! Tonight we were at Home Depot and my daughter had to use the restroom. We got in there and got her sat down and before she was even done the stupid toilet flushed on its own. How gross! Some of the toilets in public places with the automatic flushing have the water pressure set so high that it splashes water everywhere when it flushes. How nasty is that to have it splashing up on your rear while you are trying to use the bathroom? So tonight my poor 5 year old little girl is trying to do her business and doesn't even barely get started when swooosh, the toilet decides for her that it wants to flush! Yuck! Yuck! And Double Yuck! Can you tell I am grossed out? She obviously got a bath tonight! So, back to my point of this blog. Automatic flushing toilets are NOT and I repeat NOT very sanitary! If anything they are more unsanitary and spread even more germs. Okay, now you have my opinion. Tell me what you think!


  1. ohhhhhhhh i couldnt agree more!!!! i dont get it either! and are we really too lazy to be able to flush our own toilets too/?? doesnt make sense all around!

  2. So agree. Guess there are a few clods that don't know how to flush but most of us were taught how long ago by our mommies !!!