Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unexpected Company

So I was feeding the baby this morning and as I was sitting there I realized I was still a day behind on my blogging. Oops! So I was trying to think of what I could write about for all you fine people to read. After looking at what I was wearing and thinking what I must look like I came up with the idea to write about unexpected company dropping by. You should have seen what I had on. I was barefoot and in a pajama top that didn't match the flannel pajama pants I had on that were rolled up like shorts. Hey, it was warm in here! I had no make-up on and my hair was just pulled back in a ponytail without being brushed. My hair didn't look as if I'd stuck my finger in a light socket but it wasn't a pretty do either. Yep, I was a sight to see! I'm so glad no one decided to ring my doorbell or knock on my front door before I was able to shower. Even now I am not the most pleasant thing to look at. I have my famous beer pong t-shirt on with a pair of non-matching shorts but at least I am clean, out of my pajamas now, and dressed. I don't plan to go anywhere today as I have party planning and cleaning to do for this weekend! My hair has been washed and combed up into a bun. Oh, and I've even brushed my teeth and put on deodorant. Definitely better than a few hours ago! I won't be quite so embarrassed if someone came over unexpected now!

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