Monday, July 6, 2009

Too Much Information

So some may think this is a too much information blog but I'm posting it anyway because I found it funny! Some of the things that kids can say just makes me laugh! Here's what happened. Hubby was laying on the floor next to the baby playing with his toys on his blanket. I was sitting on the couch crocheting and we were also watching a rerun of CSI Miami. My daughter had gone to the bathroom. Next thing we hear is her hollering for daddy. We kept saying, "What do you want?" She wouldn't say. She just wanted daddy to come in there. Finally we got her to answer our question. Her answer was something like, "Because there is a big turd that is green and brown." LOL! I'm so glad she wanted daddy to help! I was the one who ended up going in there though and even then "big turds" are apparently daddy's department because she still thought he should help her not me. I told her daddy had baby and I helped her. Most of the time she takes care of this by herself but sometimes she still needs a bit of help. It was just hilarious to hear her yell that from the bathroom. Maybe you find it funny, maybe you don't. Guess you just had to be here to hear her!

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  1. omg lol yes TMI! lol too funny though!

    wanted to let you know i tagged you!