Sunday, July 5, 2009

Homemade Salsa

Mmmmmm......homemade salsa is so tasty! Yummy to my tummy! Tonight I finally got around to making some homemade salsa that I had bought the fresh tomatoes and fresh jalapeno for a few days ago. It is so good when it is done but very time consuming to make. Just tastes so much better when you chop everything up really small instead of having big ol' chunks. My daughter was watching me cut it all up. She kept telling me I was a good slicer. She was anxiously waiting for me to finish so she could put the seasonings on and stir it. Ingredients in my homemade salsa are one small onion (white or yellow), three medium sized tomatoes, one small jalapeno, and salt, pepper, and garlic powder. There isn't really a measurement for the seasonings. Just add to your own personal taste. Grab a bag of tortilla chips and you are ready for a great snack! Hubby and I both had a small bowl of it. My daughter just likes to dip the chips in the juice. She doesn't like the chunky part of it. She just doesn't know what she is missing!

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