Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Splurged

Holy moly do I have some blogging to do to catch up. For now I'll just leave you with what we had for supper tonight. We went to a restaurant called Logan's Roadhouse. I think the first time we ate there was when we went to Tennessee to pick up some car parts hubby was buying. We have one near our house now so not nearly as far to go to eat there. Yay! They have pretty good food and drinks. We started off with an appetizer that had fried mushrooms, onion petals, and loaded potato skins on it. We dipped it all in Ranch dressing. Oh so yummy! Hubby had a Buffalo Chicken sandwich with fries. I had shrimp, zucchini, and red onion grilled skewers with rice pilaf and a House Salad with lots of Ranch dressing. Our daughter had a corn dog and macaroni and cheese. She of course also snagged a few of my pieces of shrimp too. There were also dinner rolls with butter that came before our plates as well. We may have splurged a bit on the meal especially since hubby and I each had a drink with ours too but we all left full. That is for sure!

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