Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Much On Groceries

We went to the grocery store tonight to mainly get baby food. Well, almost $95.00 later we got home with our groceries. No, we did not spend $95.00 on baby food. We made it home with WAY more than just baby food obviously. That happens to us nearly every time we go to Hyvee. We spend too much money. Guess it's okay because we have to eat right? It's just crazy how we almost always end up bringing home more than what we intended to buy. There are always good sales and deals on things that you just CAN'T pass up. Like tonight, we got purple grapes for $1.00 a pound and Louis Kemp Lobster Delights for $1.00 a package. 12 packs of Snapple Tea were $1.99 with a coupon. Cucumbers were 2 for $1.00. Some of the name brand cereals were on sale too. See. Lots of great deals. You have to get them when you see them. It costs a fortune to eat anymore so when you can get something at a good price you do. Had we just stuck to what we went there for though we would have only spent about $30.00. I like to keep the cupboards stocked up so I was purchasing about 2 weeks worth of food for the little guy. He's all set for awhile now. The little guy has to eat too you know!

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