Thursday, July 30, 2009


The other night my hubby was out of town again for work so my daughter was happy. Not because she doesn't want her daddy around but because she knows that when he is out of town we get to stay up late, sleep out in the living room, and watch movies. This little tradition of ours will end soon though when she starts school. This last time when he was gone we watched the movie Stepmom with Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, and Ed Harris. It is an older movie from 1998. Now if you have never seen this movie but plan to, do not read on as it will be spoiled for you. If you have seen this movie then you may continue reading! If you haven't seen it though I would recommend it. Be prepared to laugh and possibly cry because this movie has many happy, funny moments in it but also has quite a few sad scenes as well. It is about a man and woman who got divorced. The man has a new girlfriend in his life whom his children and ex-wife do not like at all. The girlfriend is played by Julia Roberts. She tries so hard to make it work with the kids but just isn't having any luck. The mom finds out she has cancer and needs treatments so the stepmom, as they refer to Julia Roberts as, starts having to do a lot more with the kids. By the end of the movie the whole family has accepted the dad's new girlfriend, whom he plans to marry, into their lives. My daughter enjoyed all the funny things the little boy in the movie did. As I was typing out this blog she was reading parts of it and reminding me about what the little boy had done in the movie. Julia Roberts, in my opinion, is a beautiful actress who does a wonderful job in all the movies that I can think of that I've seen her in.

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