Saturday, February 4, 2012

Unusual Tastes

I think all of us probably have some sort of unusual tastes. There is probably at least one thing each of us likes to eat that some would find to be weird or gross.

A few I can think of are people who like to eat ketchup on their eggs or hot sauce on their chicken. Sauerkraut on hot dogs doesn't sound to appetizing to me either. Yuck!

The idea of eating butter on crackers or butter on a brownie doesn't sound like it would taste good to me but yes, I know people who do this.

My son likes to dip just about anything in ranch dressing. This includes green beans and chicken. I can see maybe the chicken since some people have salad with chicken and use ranch dressing but I'm not sure about green beans? The other day he chowed down on some Polish sausage with ranch dressing. Ewwww! He's a ketchup dipper too with a lot of things!

My hubby will put barbeque sauce on macaroni and cheese. Ummmm......nope, none for me thanks! I do however like something else on mine.

One of the unusual things I like to eat is macaroni and cheese with ketchup on it. Only the cheaper regular macaroni and cheese though. Not the really good Velveeta Shells And Cheese or homemade macaroni with Velveeta Cheese.

One time when I was eating this my daughter said things like, "Gross.", "Ewwww.", and "Have you lost your mind?"

Funny thing is, this came from a child who will eat a hamburger bun with nothing on it but ketchup. Go figure!

What are some of your unusual tastes? Do tell!

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