Friday, February 24, 2012

Gray Hair

So what REALLY causes gray hair?

The first thing that most of us with children probably say causes gray hair is well, of course our kids! Right?

Others who don't have kids to blame those pesky gray hairs on probably blame it on other family members or stress from say that rotten ol' "W" word, work.

Hmmmmm, what else can we blame gray hair on? There's probably a list of things that people say. Of course there is a scientific answer to explain those gray hairs sooooo.....

I searched the internet and here is the answer I found:

What causes gray hair?


Cause of Gray Hair

Going gray is part of life.

As we get older the pigment (color) cells in the roots of our hair -- our hair follicles -- gradually die. As the color cells die, the hair loses its color and it becomes transparent.

The age that we start going gray is determined by our genetics. Some people go gray very young.

Hmmmmm.....guess at some point we will all have gray hair! Whether it be a few strands or a WHOLE head full!

I'll admit, I have a few strands but they really don't bother me too much. Just adds character! :-)

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  1. On the morning I turned 30.... I had a gray eyebrow strand! I was shocked! Not sure if it was because it was a vicious reminder that says "hey there, yeah you turned THIRTY today" or because for a moment .. I didn't know you could have gray eyebrows. LOL