Monday, February 6, 2012

Do You Relist?

My blog post topic for this post is another Etsy related question.

Do you relist your unsold items in your Etsy shop or do you lower your prices before the item expires in hopes of selling it?

I usually let my items run the full 4 months and then relist them. After that, if they still haven't sold I'll consider lowering the price or sometimes relist them again. I have only lowered the price on some of my higher priced items and those are items that I don't really plan on making too often anyway, if at all.

I figure I'd rather pay the extra $.20 listing fee a few times and hopefully sell my item for what I want for it instead of taking a bigger loss by lowering the price. I don't lower the price on my less expensive items simply because I think they are already affordable.

Sometimes by relisting I get the item sold and sometimes I don't. You just never know who is out there at the time shopping.

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