Monday, February 27, 2012

Green Beans

I like green beans whether they are cooked by themselves, cooked in stew or soup, or baked in a casserole especially green bean casserole. Oh so yummy!

My favorite way to eat green beans though is by far my grandparents' home grown and home canned green beans. Grandma is just simply the best when it comes to making her green beans. She starts with her own home grown ones, adds a tad bit of sugar, some bacon grease, and voila, you have the best green beans in town! At least in my opinion you do! We have purchased canned green beans from the store and tried to make them at home but they just NEVER turn out as good as grandmas'!

For years my grandparents planted rows and rows of green beans in their garden among other vegetables. They then picked them, snapped them, and canned them. I remember helping with the process. It was fun!

Unfortunately because they are getting up there in age, there will be no more home grown green beans from their garden. They are just unable to tend to a garden anymore especially when they have to bend over so far to pick something like green beans.

Well, since they aren't planting green beans anymore that means that as soon as all the current jars of green beans they have canned are gone, then so are the delicious green beans that grandma cooks. I don't know how many jars they have left but I think they may be running low on them. I think grandma and grandpa really enjoy them too because now they don't share anymore. We used to get jars of green beans in our Christmas goodie bags but now we don't. They are keeping them all to themselves now! I can't say that I blame them though. They are DELICIOUS!

We are still fortunate enough to get to enjoy them at family gatherings for now and my family usually eats supper once a week with grandma and grandpa so sometimes we have them then as well.

This year I'm hoping to either plant a garden of my own with green beans in it or I'm going to purchase fresh green beans from the store. I'm then going over to my grandparent's house for a "canning lesson" so that we can keep having home grown canned green beans. Obviously they won't be grandma and grandpas' home grown canned green beans but maybe they'll be close!

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