Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spell Mississippi

Last night on the way to my grandparents' house for supper, my daughter wanted to have a spelling bee. She would tell me a word and I would spell it. I would then tell her a word and she would spell it. We took turns like this all the way to my grandparents' house.

One of the words she wanted me to spell was Mississippi. I said, "Capital M, i, crooked letter, crooked letter, i, crooked letter, crooked letter, i, hump back, hump back, i."

Her reaction was, "What?"

I asked her if I spelled it right and she said, "No, you added extra stuff."

She then told me to spell it again but not use the crooked letters because it was confusing her.

She apparently didn't like the way I was spelling Mississippi. Funny thing is, my hubby remembers one of us spelling it that way for our daughter when she was younger and he thinks he remembers that she liked it back then.

I think she liked it more than she let on though because she was going to share it with her teacher at school today.

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