Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do You Recycle?

It is really crazy how much trash is thrown out each day. What is even more crazy is how much of that trash that is actually recyclable.

Our household was very much guilty of throwing everything out whether we could recycle it or not. The only thing we saved back from the trash were aluminum cans. Of course the reason for that being, they pay you to recycle these so we save them and then put the money in our kids' piggie banks.

The city where we live in doesn't MAKE you recycle like some of the other surrounding cities but does offer a couple of recycling centers that you can take things to. Of course, we were too lazy to do so. It is just much easier to throw it away in the bag in the trashcan right there in the kitchen, put that bag in the trashcan right there next to the house, and then roll that trashcan right out to the curb once a week.

Well, we have since began recycling. We stopped taking the easy way out to get rid of our trash. It is TRULY unbelievable how much we were throwing away that was recyclable. I think we literally went from having between 4 to 5 bags of trash a week to now only having one or two.

If just OUR household cut back on what we were throwing out, can you imagine how much less trash would be going into our landfills if EVERY household who doesn't already, began to recycle. I'm guessing that A LOT of people throw out A LOT of recyclable items. you recycle?

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