Friday, February 10, 2012

Feels Like Winter

BRRRRR!!!!! So far this winter has been a VERY mild one. We've had days that were as warm as 60 degrees. Makes for a nice little walk up to the school to get my daughter in the afternoons. We worry that with such a mild winter, that summer will be HOT. That's not the only thing we worry about though. We also worry that there will be a TON of bugs since it hasn't really been too cold yet.

Well, today some of our worry has faded. It definitely feels like winter, finally. I believe the temperature this morning when I was out and about was around 30 degrees. It is currently 20 degrees as I'm typing this. Brrrrr city! That temperature is going to continue to drop as the night goes on. The low tonight is expected to be a whopping 7 degrees! Can you say COLD?

Not sure what the weekend temperatures are suppose to be but I think it is suppose to continue to get colder as we might be getting some of that awful "S" word the beginning of next week. Now I don't mind snow as long as I and my hubby don't have to be out driving in it. I could go for a snow day and I'm sure my daughter would LOVE one. We'll know in a few days.

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