Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Pants

So my daughter has three pair of pants that are basically exactly the same except the color. She has a blue pair, a pink pair, and a red pair. I got them for a great price a while back.

Well, each time I wanted her to wear the red pair she would not want to wear them. She didn't like them. She had no problem wearing the blue pair and the pink pair though. Same type of pants, just different color. Apparently she doesn't like red?

Funny thing about the red pair of pants is that I finally gave up trying to get her to wear them so once she wore them one last time I went ahead and put them in the yard sale pile.

Monday night when she was getting her clothes picked out for school the next day, guess what she wanted to wear for Valentine's Day? Yep! Those red pants that I had such a hard time getting her to wear before! Go figure!

She said something like, "Just one more time." Apparently she does like red but only for Valentine's Day? Guess it makes sense though!

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