Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Going To Bed Early

Ummm.....yeah. I am SO glad, and I'm being sarcastic here, that we put our son to bed earlier than usual last night.

Our daughter goes to bed earlier than everyone on school nights already but our son is usually a night owl with mommy and daddy.

Well, last night we decided to put him to bed earlier too so we could have some quiet time.

Soooo.....we enjoyed the quiet time last night but paid for it this morning. Since he went to bed early, our son apparently thought he needed to get up early too! The little booger thought he needed to wake up BEFORE 7am!

I heard this little voice saying, "Mommy" so I went into his room. His sheet had come off the corner of his mattress so I fixed it and had him lie back down.

Not long after that my hubby got up to get ready for work and I hear my son say, "Daddy's awake." A short time after that I hear him say that he was awake too.

Even though I wasn't ready to get out of bed yet, because let me remind you my alarm hadn't even gone off yet, I got up because my "other" alarm clock was going off. My alarm clock that says, "Mommy" from the other room.

I go into my son's room to get him and he proudly tells me that he is awake. Ummm.....yes, I already know this. Even though it made my day start earlier than I had wanted, it really was a cute start to it so I can't complain too much. We only get so many of these type of moments so we really should enjoy them while we can!

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  1. I have a 6 month old who's currently teething... and I have to say ... I never thought I would miss a full night's sleep the way I do now. :(

    How cute tho. :) A very cute "alarm". :)