Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day!

Well, it happened! We have had our first REAL snow of the winter. We knew it was coming and the weather forecast was actually pretty accurate. Sometimes you just never know because there have been occasions where what we were expecting did not happen. This time it did! As you can see from the picture below.

We got the call REALLY early this morning calling off school for the day. Yay! I'm perfectly fine with that. I think my daughter was too. We're using today as a lazy, stay in our pj's day. Not planning to go one single place but the bathroom, the kitchen for food, and the couch.

The kids will be playing with their toys or watching movies. I'll be crocheting on some orders. Plans are to just have a nice relaxing, not doing much of nothing day.

Poor hubby had to go to work though, after shoveling off the driveway/sidewalks and cleaning off the vehicles. I think he even cleaned off my truck too, probably in case I need to go somewhere, which I don't plan to, but I guess you never know what could come up so such a sweetie he was to clean it off. Too bad it snowed some more after he did, so if I do end up going out and about I'll have to clean off the snow again. Hmmmm.....even more incentive to just stay home. :-)

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