Friday, February 3, 2012

Didn't Want It Until Now

Those of you reading this who have kids can probably relate to this blog post.

Ever notice how kids don't usually want to play with toys until either:

A. another child has it
B. you put them away
C. you ask them to put them away

My kids are BOTH guilty of ALL three!

My daughter can have things just lying around for who knows how long and not have anything to do with them. The moment I tell her to put her things away, sometimes she will just put them away right when I ask her. Other times, especially if she is "busy" doing something, she will decide to either use it, play with it, or wear it if it is clothes or shoes rather than take the ten seconds it would take to walk it to her room.

My son is basically the same way. His toys can be lying ALL over the floor for HOURS and he won't bother them. Of course the moment I go to pick them up, he is all over them playing with them and re-scattering them across the floor again. Not sure why I even bother to clean them up!

Now that he is getting older and able to help more, I will ask my son to pick up his own toys or help me rather than doing it all by myself. Sometimes he decides he wants to play with them again and other times he will go put them away.

It's a never ending chore to clean up after kids isn't it? But you gotta love them! I know I do!

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