Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update On My Friend's Mom

I called my friend today to see how she was doing, find out what they were going to do for her mom, and to see if she needed anything. She said the doctors told them this morning that it is definitely cancer that spread from her lung to her brain and is also now in her blood. It is stage 4 and incurable. They have managed to get the swelling on her brain to go down which has helped get back her mobility that she had lost. She was having a hard time walking and putting on a shirt. Things like that. The course of treatment they are planning on doing is radiation to hopefully put the cancer in remission and also some chemo on her lung. They hope that will put it in remission. They have no plans to do surgery to remove it since it is stage 4 and in her bloodstream. After hopefully getting it in remission she will just have to go to many doctor appointments to make sure it stays in remission and also have scans to make sure it doesn't come up somewhere new. Since it is in her blood there is a chance she could develop it somewhere else. My friend said that right now it is pretty much just a waiting game. First waiting to see if they can get it in remission. If so, then it is wait to see if it stays in remission and wait to see if it develops anywhere else. She did seem to be coping better today but I'm sure it is still very hard for her. Her mom has always said that if she ever got cancer she wouldn't treat it but she also doesn't like feeling the way she feels right now. For the time being she is going to do what the doctors are planning. My friend just hopes that once she is feeling better she will stick to the treatments but knows it is her decision to stop them if she wants to. Yet another thing she just has to wait and see what happens. Thank you to everyone who has said prayers! They are all very much appreciated!


  1. Oh Hon, that is such a sad thing. Let your friend know you have friends here that will keep her, her mom, and their family in our prayers.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend's mom. Let her know she is in my families thoughts and prayers.