Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do You Hear That? you hear that? No? Listen again! Still nothing? Good! You aren't suppose to hear anything! My house is quiet right now. Both my kids are finally sleeping! Yay! It was kind of a long day today. The baby has been fussing on and off most of the day. I think he is working on getting in another tooth. Oh the joys of teething! My daughter was a bit on the jealous side today I think so she was a bit hyper. My grandparents and my mom were here. We were working on making some table coverings for our tables when we do craft shows. Mom, grandpa, and I worked on our project while my grandma took care of the baby. My daughter was wanting my grandma to play with just her I think. Grandma did play some but it was hard since my son is mobile now. He is always into something he isn't suppose to have it seems. He's definitely a hand full! We did get two of the three table coverings made today. Mom and I will finish the third one on Saturday when she comes over. Well, think I will head to bed now too since the kids are already there. Nighty night!

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