Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh To Nap!

When my daughter was a baby she would fight a nap like you would not believe! My son is the exact same way! He will toss his head from one side to the other, make noises, or do whatever just to stay awake! If only they knew at this young age how great naps really are! If only they knew that when they get older naps come few and far between! Some days I am so ready to take a nap but just don't have the time. Other days I actually do have the time but think to myself, "If I nap I won't get this, this, or this done." So of course I don't nap. On occasion I have been known to lay down to catch a few z's during the day or evening but not very often. Speaking of naps, one doesn't sound that bad right now but I think I'm going to crochet instead!

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