Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Being A Friend

I had hoped that every time I blogged it could always be something fun, interesting, or cute and would make people want to come back to see what I wrote next. When sitting here trying to think of what to blog about for today I just couldn't bring myself to write about anything fun or cute. All that is on my mind right now is one of my best friends and her family. Her mom has been sick now for about 5 weeks. The doctors initially thought it was pneumonia and a sinus infection so that is what they were treating her for. When one medicine didn't work they tried something else. They did this a few times. They also did chest x-rays and a chest CT scan. Last week my friend called me and was just so frustrated with the doctors her mom was seeing. She didn't know what else to do. Her mom wasn't getting better. She was getting worse. I told her she should take her mom to the ER and that would be like getting a second opinion. Well, she took her to the ER, they kept her mom overnight, ran some tests and basically sent her home the next day saying pretty much the same thing the other doctor was telling them. Yesterday my friend called me to tell me that her mom's doctor had called her with the results of the chest CT scan. The doctor said that the spot on her mom's lung (which they already knew was there) had taken over her lung, part of a lymph node, and I think was around her heart. My friend was confused now because if this was the case then why did the hospital release her when they had supposedly received the results of the chest CT scan while her mom was in the hospital the end of last week from the ER visit. One of the tests they ran when she was in the hospital was a tube down her throat so today they had to go see that doctor. After going over all the symptoms and problems she had been having, the doctor today ordered a CT scan of her brain. As soon as the results were in from that today they sent them to have her admitted. They found out she has cancer in her lung and a tumor on her brain as well that had swelling around it. When I talked to my friend last they were waiting to get her mom a room and then they were going to start some medicine to get the swelling down and I think she said they may start radiation therapy. My friend was crying and so upset when she called. Even though she and her mom have their arguments deep down I think they are really close. Even after she got married and has a family of her own she still lives with her mom because she just didn't want to leave her alone. She's so upset and I just feel so helpless. I just don't know what to do for her. I listened and talked to her for as long as she needed me to tonight when she called. I told her I was here if she needed me and to not be afraid to ask. I'd do what I could. I told her if she needed me to keep her kids I would for as long as needed. I know this is so hard for her. I have made it clear to her that I am here but I still feel like I need to do more. Any prayers for them would be greatly appreciated! I've said some already too!


  1. My prayers go out for her mom and your friend. I went through something very similar years ago. Take care.

    Kim (KimsBeads)

  2. I know it doesn't seem like you're doing 'something' at the moment, but you are indeed helping by "being available".

    That is so important to people in any tough situtation like this with changing scenarios.

    At least they know they have a safety net with you in that they can count on you being there for them 'when they DO require your helpfulness'.

    You are "doing" wonderful by this friend by being there for them with a ready helpful hand. (((Hugs n Prayers for all involved))) ~including you too, so you can be strong for them and available when they need help.
    ~ Paula