Monday, June 8, 2009 sweet!

Saturday morning we went out of town to see my husband's family. We wanted to give his dad an early Father's Day gift and early birthday gift since we won't be able to make another trip this month due to many other things going on. Saturday night my husband went to the store with his dad and came back with these gorgeous blue and white carnations for me! Just so you know, blue is my most favorite color! He said he saw them and just had to get them. My daughter patted me on the back and said something like, "Awww.....that was so sweet of daddy. He's so sweet!" On Sunday when we packed up everything to come back we all forgot to bring my beautiful flowers with us. Tonight when my hubby came home he brought me three gigantic roses. They are so pretty! Aren't they? Isn't he just so sweet? I think so!

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