Thursday, June 11, 2009

For The Dogs.....

Today my daughter decided to put on a dance show for a bunch of her stuffed dogs. She and her Barbie doll whom she has named Alexia were dancing to a Dolly Parton cd. Believe it or not each of the dogs in the above picture have a name as well. From left to right their names are Jewell, Brownie, Merry Christmas (because it is a Christmas dog), Penny, Rose, Freckles, Love (because it is a Valentine's dog), and last but not least up on the top of the cushion is Cheery. According to my daughter all the dogs enjoyed the show. I've heard of dancing with the stars but not dancing with Barbie. I have to admit it was a great show! Really cute! I'd see it again!

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  1. Aw that is SO Cute! Special momments! Cherish this one. Oh, it made me think how Jewelz (from the forums as ) would be so happy to hear one of the lil pups is named Jewell. I'm such a critternut it's extra special to me to hear about her dancing for the doggies. Lucky doggies!