Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby's Milestone

My little baby boy is growing up way too fast! He had a major milestone today. He was laying on his back in his crib and sat up all by himself. It is just SO crazy how fast they truly grow! Before I know it he will be starting school like his older sister will be doing this fall. I remember when I was pregnant with our daughter. I was told to enjoy the baby part of it because they grow fast. Boy is that true! I am a HUGE picture fanatic though so once our kids are grown my husband and I will be able to sit back and look at MANY pictures to remind us of how tiny and precious they started out! Some may think I am crazy because of all the pictures I take but I don't care! We will definitely have wonderful memories caught in print!


  1. awww how cute! how old is he?? and definitly keep taking those pics!!! i take tons all the time at every family thing, and i cherish them all!!

  2. He is about eight and a half months old. Oh, I will definitely keep taking pictures! We go to Sears every month and have them done plus we take some here around the house too!