Thursday, June 25, 2009

The First Of Two

So last night about 11:30pm I realized I still hadn't written my blog for yesterday. Ooops! I was just too tired and about to go to bed so I decided to just play catch up this morning. So, today my dear readers you will get to read twice the blogs! I know. I know. You are so overjoyed aren't you? My writings are just SO exciting that it is just making your day to know there will be two today right? Wipe away the tears from missing one yesterday! what to write about for you first today? How about I tell you about part of my day yesterday? Yes? That sound good to you? Well, keep reading then! Yesterday morning both my kids decided to be awake about 8am which is early for both of them. Sometimes the baby will be up that early but he will usually go back to sleep. Yesterday I purposely kept him awake so he would fall back asleep for a nap on the way to the dentist office. We had to be there at 10:15am. My daughter and I both had appointments to get our teeth cleaned. My plan was for him to fall asleep on the drive to the dentist office and sleep through at least my appointment. Last time I went he fussed so much my grandpa brought my grandma up to watch him. They only live about 5 minutes from our dentist. Actually it is their dentist office too and my aunt's too. Crazy how we all go there! Anyway, we left to go to the dentist and I told my daughter we were going to just listen to music on the way and be quiet so her brother could fall asleep. I explained to her that it would be easier for me to get my teeth cleaned if he were sleeping. First thing she wanted to do when I started my truck and turned on the radio was to tell me a story about something that I have no idea what made her think of it in the first place. Where do they come up with these things? So I reexplained to her we were just going to listen to music. Well, we had no longer started driving when I hear a baby rattle. I looked back and my daughter had given my son a noisy baby rattle that was laying in the back seat. Ummm......yep, you guessed it! He was shaking, shaking, and shaking that rattle! No way was he going to sleep while he had that! She tried to take it away but I told her to just leave him alone or he would cry. Let me remind you that this is my baby that does what he can to stay awake when it is naptime no matter how tired he is! At this point I figured he was not going to nap so I was thinking I a.) was just not going to get my teeth cleaned and would just reschedule my appointment or b.) was going to call my grandparents to see if I could drop him off at their house on the way. Then next thing I heard was him drop the rattle on the seat. I told my daughter NOT to give it back to him. Within a minute or so he was yawning and then asleep. Yay! My plan was working! Or was it? Got to the dentist office. He was still sleeping but I'll be darned if the little booger didn't wake up right after we walked in! I tried rocking his carrier and thought he was going to doze back off but there was too much talking and noises. I ended up taking him out and holding him until they called our names. I had the dental hygeniest clean my teeth first and just told her to do what she could until he got fussy. He ended up sitting in his carrier and doing fine. He had a few toys and his sister to entertain him so it all worked out even though he wasn't sleeping like I had hoped. I'm sure his little power nap helped though. Next time however, he will be walking so I am making prior arrangements for either daddy or my grandparents to keep him while we go. I seriously doubt he will behave as well next time!

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